Knitting and Crochet Blogs

A Bluestocking Knits

Includes personal updates and commentary.

A Caffeinated Yarn

Features updates on the yarn projects of this blogger, who also boasts a PhD in Latin and Greek.

A Hundred Percent Rain

Offers knitting advice including information on patters and design.

A Knitter in Queens

Collection of photos and resources.

A Sheep in Wools Clothing

Includes personal thoughts and photographs.

About Crochet

Offers free patterns and crochet tutorials, beginner through advanced. Features original designs for crocheting, filet crochet and cross stitch on crochet.

Action Hero

Discusses project and includes photos of past work.


Thoughts from a knitter in Cleveland.

Aileen's Fiber Fetish

Personal journal of a regular knitter.

All Things Heather

Photographic updates of knitting projects.

Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Domestic woman discusses knitting.

Amigurumi Patterns by K and J Dolls

Showcases Amigurumi patterns, some are free and are published as PDF files on the blog.

Amy Knits Texas

Charts her progress as a new knitter.

Amy's Knitting and Stuff

Works in progress, thoughts on projects, pictures and links.

Anastasia Popova

Crochet designer and instructor's blog showcasing designs and patterns.

And She Knits Too

Musings of a PhD candidate and avid knitter.

Anecdotal Knitting

Sharing the author's love of knitting and fiber crafts.

ARTwin knits

Musings of an art historian who knits too much.

At the Top of Squirrel Spur

Rainbow dreams, yarns and events.


Photo albums and updates from the knitter.

Beatrice Ryan Designs

Crochet blog offering a range of patterns including the Amazing Grace patterns. BeaRyanDesigns

Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Crochet blog offering patterns, video lessons and inspiration.

Bird's Nest Knits

Knitter posts images of her work and links to knitting related resources.

Bloomin' Knitiot

Discusses knitting classes and design.

The Blue Blog

Avid knitter showcases her work.

Booga J

Updates the progress of her projects.

The Boogie Knits

Poetic knitter shares her work.

Bossy Little Dog

Knitting blog offering tips and project ideas.

Bowerbird Knits

Discusses techniques and patterns.


Features discussion of knitting and graduate school.

Bron's Blog

Knitter displays photos of her finished work.

The Brown Stitch

Elizabeth Smith's knitting blog providing information on patterns and designs.

Bubbles and Purls

Knitted, felt and spun works in progress and completed works and secret skein pal update.

By Hook or Pointed Stick

Working mom discusses crochet and knitting.

Carole Knits

Photos and updates from the knitter.

Carrieoke Makes Things

Features project updates, photo galleries, and links.

The Casting on Couch

Activist shares her thoughts on knitting and movies.


Cat loving knitter shares her progress.

Cats in the Garden

Comments on crocheting, knitting, politics, pets and life in general.

Chez Chelle

Canadian knitter updates her progress.

Chie Crochets & Knits Too!

Online journal of the authors current knitting projects.

Christina's Attic

Photographic updates from the blogger.

Cj's Knitting Basket

Blog for knitting progress and other life events.

Close to my Heart

Updates and commentary on knitting and life.

Coffee Crazy Knitters

Collaborative knitting blog from two sisters.

Coffee Crochet

Musings of a mom who crochets.


Houston knitter provides news of her projects knitting patterns, photos, and contact details.


Knitting blog with online tutorials and commentary.

Colour Crochet Love

Viola, who lives in a German village near Hamburg blogs about her love of crochet and shares various projects.

Confessions of a Professional Yarn Fondler

Marie from Silicon Valley shares her knitting news.

Consolidated Lint

Knitter provides photographic updates of her work.

The Crafty Cat

Blog dedicated to the love of crochet.

Crafty Conservative

Discusses crafting, life, and values.

Crazy Aunt Purl

Cat owner chronicles her knitting.

Creative One

Knitting works in progress, completed projects and family updates.


Stay at home mom discusses knitting.

Crochet By Faye

Crochet designer provides insights into the design process, patters and teaching.

Crochet Concupiscence

Features crochet patterns and tutorials including sections on crochet art and fashion. CrochetBlogger

Crochet Connection

Editor of Crochet World Carol Alexander blog offering crochet tips, ideas and news.

The Crochet Crowd

Michael Sellick's crochet bog offering patterns, video tutorials, advice and crochet challenges. thecrochetcrowd

The Crochet Cultist

Stories of crocheted projects and other crafts.

Crochet Hooks You

Australian Paula Daniele's blog offering crochet tutorials, patterns and resources including beginner lessons and charts.

Crochet in Color

Thirty something crochet enthusiastic from Nebraska shares her patterns and enthusiasm for crocheting.

Crochet Me Crazy

Works in progress and finished projects, stash fun and funny articles.

Crochet Nirvana

Blog dedicated to sharing crochet knowledge and experience.

Crochet Street

Blog sourcing crochet patterns and collections. SCCelinaLane

Crocheting The Day Away

Christian stay at home mother's long running crochet blog offering tutorials and patterns.

Crocheting With Dee

Blog established in 2004 offering crochet advice and information.

Curlie Girl

Teddy bear artist and knitting fanatic displays her work.

Curls of Sunshine

Offering free crochet, knitting and other craft patterns, plus ideas and inspiration.

Darkside of Knitting

Offers personal and knitting related updates.

Darn Knit

Knitting on vacation, works in progress and art works in progress.

Deb's Sock Spot

Photos and descriptions of sock knitting adventures.

Deceptively Packaged

Updates and photos from an avid knitter.

Diamonds & Purls

Shares knitting stories and knit clothes.

D-made Knitting

Personal journal with a strong focus on knitting.

Domestoc Affair

Knitting thoughts and cooking ideas.

Donna Knits and Spins

Blog from a South Carolina girl who is hopelessly addicted to knitting.

Drop Stitch Knitter

Obsessive knitter shares her thoughts.

Dyed in the Wool

Shares fiber related information, updates and musings.

Elabeth's Crafty Blog

Discusses knitting and spinning.

Elk Studio

Blogging about handcrafted crochet designs. ELKStudio_

Enchanting Juno

Offers a large collection of knitting related links and information.


Personal journal of an obsessed knitter.


Home of knitwear designer Liz Abinante, with many free patterns.

Fiber Fanatic

Thoughts of a knitting, spinning, and reading fanatic.

Fiber Fool

Knitting obsessed woman shares her passion.


Blogger discusses her knitting and quilting.


Focuses on knitting information and advice.


Discusses knitting and diving.


Knitter posts photos and information on her work.

Fidgety Knitting

Provides photos of completed work and tutorials.

Fig and Plum

Updates from a New York City knitter.

Fillyjonk's ?Progress

Personal updates and knitting information.

Finally Waking Up

Blogger posts photographic updates of her work.

Finished Object Dance

Discusses knitting and glucose management.

Fluffy Clouds and Crochet Hooks

Crochet fan shares her work.

Food and Yarn

Blogger shares her thoughts on knitting and food.

Frog It

Commentary on life and knitting.

Frog Monkey

Blogger discusses her knitting hobby.

Frogs Lake

Woman describes her craft related projects.


Blogger describes her knit projects.

Fuzzy Orange Bear

Charts the project progress of the knitter.


Journal of the creative process.

Golden Needle

Personal commentary and photographic knitting updates.

Good to be Girl

Describes the experiences of a new knitter.


Knitting updates fro ma young Grandma.

Granny Square Woman

Crocheting, knitting, and fiber related blog from a crocheting madwoman.

Grin and Frog It

Knitting journey from the beginning.

Grumperina goes to Local yarn shops and Home Depot

Woman discusses her yarn shopping habits.

Handmade by Jennifer

Woman posts photos and updates on her crafts.

Have you Any Wool

Photo albums of completed knit clothes.

Heal my Life

Thoughts from a spiritual knitter.


Personal journal of an avid knitter.

Hello Yarn

Knitting blog offers free patterns and progress updates from the blogger. helloyarn


Self confessed crochet addict's blog providing crochet tutorials, advice and patterns.

How the West was Spun

Knitting updates from a farm on Vermont.

Hyvetyrant Knits

Project updates from a long time knitter.

I Was Knit Together in the Womb

Contains photo albums of completed work.

I'm Tinking

Trials and tribulations of knitting, molecular biology and oil.

Interrupting Sheep

Sheep lover discusses knitting.

Is It A Sweater Yet?

Cat loving graduate student shows off her projects.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time

Musings on kitties, knitting, finishing school and making time for Mom.

Ivy's Vine

Talks about knitting with patterns and techniques.

Jam Side Up

Long running personal blog of an avid knitter.

January One

Features knitting information and free patterns.

Jen Knitter

Works in progress and completed, new stash and family updates.

Jersey Knitter

Thoughts from a knitter in New Jersey.

Jessie At Home

Jessie offers crochet and knitting patterns including information on learning to crochet. Jessie_AtHome

Jessimuhka Knits

Obsessive knitter posts her thoughts.

Jewels, Crochet, Thoughts and Doings

Works in progress, book reviews and finished projects.

JJCrochet's Blog

Features free crochet and knit patterns that are easy for beginners, but exciting for the experienced crocheter.

Katts Creative Knitting Corner

Australian mother discusses knitting.

Katy Knits

Thoughts on the therapeutic value of knitting.

Keeping Me In Stitches

Contains photos, links, and project updates.

Kerrie's Place

Provides photos of her completed work.

Kimberly's Korner

Updates her many knitting and crochet projects.

Knit Along the Way

Knitter provides photos of her progress.

Knit and Spin with Susan

Woman discusses her love of crafts.

Knit and the City

Updates from a knitter in Philadelphia.

Knit and Tonic

Knitter gives patterns and inspiration for knitting.

Knit Buddies

California knitter posts her work.

The Knit Cafe

Knitting blog of bricks and mortar yarn shop located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Knit Fix

Knitting addicted woman comments on the craft.

Knit Flix

Contains photos of completed clothing.

Knit Lit

Literary blogger discusses knitting.

Knit n Lit

Texas based knitter posts about her work.

Knit Once Purl Forever

Knitting focused comments and observations.

Knit One Quilt Too

Mother discusses her creative side.

Knit One, Purr Two

Cat lover updates her knitting projects.

Knit Powers to Peace

Features progress updates and photographs.

Knit Stricken

Updates from a German knitter living in Canada.

Knit Two Perl Two

Features knit clothing photos and knitting advice.

Knit Two Together

Photos showcasing the knitter's work.

Knit vs. Crochet

Woman discusses her love of the two crafts.


Mother of six discusses knitting and other crafts.

KNita KNittin’

Blog about knitting. Includes pictures of the blogger’s latest projects.


Lawyer shares her knitting progress.

Knitiot Savant

Knitter shares her photos and updates.


Mother describes her knitting work.


A weblog about knitting the good life.


Woman discusses knitting and her life.


Describes her knitting and sewing projects.


Links and photographs from an avid knitter.

The Knitrider

Mountain biker showcases her knitting.

Knits & Bits

Online knitting focused diary.

Knits Purls and Curls

Random thoughts on knitting and pop culture.

Knits with Cats

South Dakota skies, kitties and works in progress.


Knitting focused rants and observations.

Knittens and Mittens

Features knitting advice and photos.

Knitter's Block

Offers advice and discussion on knitting.


Malaysian knitter showcases her work.


Personal blog with a focus on knitting.

Knitting and Beer

Collaborative knitting blog from Canada.

Knitting and Other Stuff

Updates from a knitter and graphic designer.

Knitting Away

Nursing student comments on her knitting.

Knitting By Eye

Provides knitting photos and personal updates.

Knitting Circle

Knitting, spinning and vacation posts.

The Knitting Diva

Personal journal of a knit obsessed woman.

The Knitting Doctor

Medical doctor shares her knitting photos and clothes.

Knitting from Outer Space

Knitting related anecdotes and progress reports.

Knitting Girl

Discusses her love for the craft of knitting.

Knitting Goddess #9

Pattern designer showcases her work.

Knitting in Color

Reviews knitting related books and offers project ideas.

Knitting In Motion

Ramblings of a Christian knitter.

Knitting in the Valley

Posts photos of knitting projects.

Knitting Libran

Knitting, spinning, and cooking ramblings of a Libran.

Knitting Musings

Thoughts on knitting progress and projects.

Knitting Nederlass

Features photos and project updates.

Knitting Nonni

Knitting works in progress, finished projects and weaving projects.

Knitting on Trial

Knitting addictions, travel notes and updates on works in progress and finished projects.

Knitting Park

Provides progress photos and patterns.

The Knitting Queen

Dive shares her thoughts on knitting.

Knitting the Blues

Updates from an avid knitter.

Knitting To Stay Sane

Canadian knitting enthusiast blog offering pattern notes, patterns and information on learning to knit.

Knitting Virgin

Updates from a beginning knitter.

Knitting with Jazzyfaz

Knitter offers insights into the craft.

Knitting Without Needles

Online diary with knitting focused posts.

Knitting Zeal

Tales of a compulsive yarn collector.


Features knitting related thoughts and commentary.

Knitty Knacky Noo

Knitter shares her personal journal.


Blogger shares thoughts on knitting and her dog.

Knot Again

Updates the knitter's progress on a variety of projects.

Knot Without my Knitting

Includes photos of yarn and completed clothing.

Knot Your Nana's Crochet

New Zealander Teri Hearthcote shares crochet patterns and experience. KYNC2010

Krazi Knitter's Place

Cat loving knitter posts about her craft.

Kseki Knits

Updates and thoughts from a New Jersey knitter.

Kuky Ideas

Offers knitting related ideas and comments.

Lanam Facio

Providence based knitter showcases her work.

Laura Chau

Canadian knitter shows off her work.

Features book recommendations and knitting commentary.

Leetle Knits

Contains photos of knit items in progress.

Lenox Knits

Knitter and a handmade advocate shares tips for selling crafts on-line and at craft shows.

Life and Knitting

Knitting blog from a stay at home mom.

Life's A Stitch

Blogger describes her life and knitting projects.

Like The Queen

Updates her knitting project and offers a large collection of links.

Lion's Paw

Knitting focused photos and updates.

Liquidgirl Knitting

Dedicated knitter shares her thoughts.

Lissa's Long Yarn

Canadian knitter updates her progress.

Little Monkeys Crochet

Graphic designer and mother of two's crochet blog featuring crochet projects and patterns for children and adults.

Lolly Knitting Around

Updates and photos from a dedicated knitter.

Lorenzo Knits

Updates from a knitter in Pennsylvania.

Lorri's Knitting Link

Blogger provides photos and information on knitting.

Lucky Penny's Workshop

Thoughts from a knit designer.


Photographic updates from an Israeli knitter.

Luvtocraft's Creations

Photos of completed knitting crafts.

Made By Ewe

Showcases knitting photos and completed work.


Knitting blog with occasional quilting coverage.


Includes knitting related thoughts and links.

Mama of Purl

Posts photos and updates from the knitter.

Mandy's Knits

Married woman comments on her knitting.

Marie Fly Fly

Updates from a knitter in Norway.


Posts updates on knitting project progress.

Self taught Canadian knitter shares her photos and work.

Marnie Talks

Blog devoted to knitting and crochet.

Mason-Dixon Knitting

Southern knitter compares her work with a northerner.


Avid knitter shares her thoughts.

Me, Myself and Milotis78

Commentary on knitting and crochet.


Chicago lawyer discusses knitting.

Midnight Knitter

Diary of an experienced knitter.


Features photos and desertions of the knitter's latest projects.

Mim's Knitting Frenzy

Offers knitting project updates and photos.

Minxxy's World

Stories from an alternative knitter.

Missouri Star

Features photo galleries and project updates.

Missy B

Commentary on knitting and spinning.

Mohair Dreams

Knitting afficionado shares her thoughts.

Mommio Knits

Discusses art, creativity, and motherhood.


Knitter discusses her many hobbies.

Monster Crochet

Crochet designer provides posts on patterns, garment construction, inspiration and the creative process.

Moth Heaven

Knit clothing photos and project updates.

Mozemen's Blues

Knitter shares information on her life.

Ms. Knits

Photographic updates from a knitter in California.


Mother and graduate student discusses juggling life with her knitting.

Mundo Crochet

Crochet blog offering detailed, graphic patterns including items for babies and information on stitches and techniques regarding the art of crochet. MundoCrochet

Musings of a Crafty Wench

Crafting journal, focusing mainly on hand spun hand knit fiber adventures.

My Best Friend's a Dork

Knitting focused thoughts and links.

My Knittin World

Malaysian knitter shares her work.

My Life in Stitches

Includes project photographs and thoughts.

NadaJ Knits

Knitting weblog from an African-American female.

Nadia's Crafting Adventures

Canadian student discusses knitting.

Nake-id Knits

log contains clothing photos and knitting information.

Needle Girl

Washington DC knitter shares her work.

Needles and Wool

Knitter discusses her love of the craft.

Nice Knits

Personal journal of an avid knitter.

No Idle Hands

Crafty woman updates readers on her projects.


Novice knitter posts updates on her progress.

Nothin' But Knit

Knitting related thoughts and links.


Southern woman discusses her knitting.

Now Norma Knits

Provides knitting commentary and online resources.

Nurse Shar Knits

Southern California nurse discusses knitting.

oats, Knits & Purls

Ongoing blog of knitting and quilting projects.

Odd Ball Knittery

Woman discusses knitting and other crafts.

Off The Hook/Awe!Some Crochet

Avant-garde crochet visionary engaging in fiberous journeys.

Oh What A Tangled Web

Random ramblings about knitting, kids, travel, and life.

On The Sticks

Thoughts and projects of a new knitter.

One Crazy Fiber Lady

Ramblings of an addicted knitter.

One Small Stitch for Mankind

Pittsburgh knitter posts images of her work.

Otter Wise

Offers patterns and comments on her family and life.

Penina's Knitting World

Blogger posts her knitting accomplishments.

Peony Knits

Woman charts the progress of her knitting.

Peurls of Wisdom

Male knitter shares his work.

Pick up Sticks

Updates from an avid knitter and spinner.

Pink Lemon Twist

Shares thoughts on knitting and spinning.


Features photos of completed work.


Shares her photos and knitting related thoughts.


Features photos of completed clothes.

Plain Jane Knits Up A Storm

Shares musings about needlework projects.

Planet June

Crochet designer June Gilbank, who specializes in amigurumi animal designs, shares some free patterns and inspiration.

Plath's Adventures in Knitting

Account of a new knitter's journey into the knitting world.

Pocahontas County Fare

Updates from a knitter in West Virginia.


Blogger comments on her knitting projects.


Avid knitter shares her photos.

Punk Rawk Purl

Alternative knitter provides updates on her work.

The Purl Bee

Information blog about knitting, sewing, crochet, and crafts.

Purling Sprite

The adventures of a loom knitting designer, needle knitter, and yarn addict.

Purls and Murmurs

Reflections on knitting and related crafts.

Purls Are a Girl's Best Friend

Random thoughts on knitting, writing, and life.

Purls Before Swine

Random thoughts on knitting.

Purls Gone Wild

Art major discusses her love of knitting.


Displays her collection of yarn and current projects.

Purly Queen

Knitting insights from the Northwest.

Purple is a Fruit

Mother discusses knitting and crochet.

QueerJoe's Knitting Blog

Features photos of completed projects.


Offers knitting related thoughts and links.

Quinta Essentia Knitting

Knitting diary providing updates on projects.

Random Fiber Ramblings

Commentary from a serious knitter.

Random Knits

Australian knitter showcases her work.

Ravings from a Danish City at Night

Male knitter shares his work.

Rebel Knitter

Oregon knitter displays her work.


Obsessive knitter comments on her craft.

Rose-Kim Knits

Blogger charts the progress of her knitting.

Ruby Girl

Thoughts and updates fro man Australian knitter.

Runs With Needles

Photo updates from the blogger.

Ruth's Knits

Unlikely knitter shares her progress.


Features photos from the blogger's life and of knit work.

Sandy's Knitting

Long running blog on knitting.

Sarah's Journal

Knitter offers advice and images.


Cable focused knitter shares her work.

Scared Sheep

Blog about the knitting adventures of a film student.


Personal updates and photos from the knitter.

The Scottish Lamb

Wool knitter posts images of her work.


Charts the progress of the blogger's projects.


Contains project specifications and progresses reports.

The Seven Deadly Cozies

Describes her current projects.

Sew Crafty

Sewing enthusiast discusses her knitting progress.

Sharp Pointy Sticks

Progress reports and images from the knitter.

She Loves to Knit

Random thoughts on knitting and life.

She Shoots Sheep Shots

Musings from an avid knitter.

Sheepless in Suburbia

Photos and updates from the knitter.

Shelby Knits

Knitter showcases her work.

She's Crafty

Knitting "to do" list and progress charts of her works in progress, music and book notes.

Shoes and Yarn

Woman chronicles her search for yarn and shoes.

Show & Tell

Updates from a knitter in Australia.

Sil's Knitblog

Displays her latest creations and offers advice.

Sittin' Here Knittin'

Ramblings about knitting and other important things.

Skein Street

Blog about knitting and life.

Sleepy Eyes Knitting

Vacation updates, updates on works in progress and finished works and family photos.

Slow & Steady

Progress reports from a California knitter.

Small Girl, Big Needles

Talented knitter displays her work.

Small Hands

Offers knitting photo galleries and advice.


Cat person describes her lone of knitting.

Snarky's Bad Habit

Portland based knitter shares her work.

So Much Fiber, So Little Time

Knitting blog complete with a podcast.

So Much Yarn, So Little Time

Canadian knitter updates her work.

Some Call Them Sticks and String

Offers photos of completed clothing.

Someone Keeps Moving My Chair

Long running knitting blog.

Something from Nothing

Progress reports from a new knitter.

Soule Mama

Mother comments on her knitting projects.


San Diego knitter shares her thoughts.


Blog featuring photos of completed work.

Spinning Wheel

Knitter offers comments on her crafts and family life.


Posts from a Canadian knitter living in Texas.

Spoiled Rotten

Crafting journal from an avid knitter.

Spu Says Hi

Commentary on knitting and pop culture.

Squirrel's Worlds

Vegetarian knitter showcases her work.

Stay at Home Knitter

Mother shares her love of knitting.


Posts from an obsessed knitter with slightly fervent views about everything.

Step Into My Thimble

Knitting thoughts from a soon to be mother.

Stitchin' Bints

A knitting and sewing circle. Offers free patterns and product reviews.

The Stitchin' Sheep

Blog for the knitting obsessed.

Stitching for Sanity

Collection of knitting tips and poetry from the blogger.


Discussion of knitting and other crafts.

Stitchy McYarnpants

Confessions of an addicted knitter.

Stream of Consciousness

Random thoughts from a frequent knitter.

Streetcolor's Blog

Follows the "yarnbombing" adventures of this team of two crafters who bring knitted and beaded street art to surprising places in the San Franciso Bay area.

Strings 'n Things

Knitting related thoughts and commentary.

Stripey Tiger

Journal of knitting and hand spinning projects.

Strung Out

Law Student Discusses knitting.

Studio Chic Knitting Blog

Offers resources for modern knitters.

Suan Knits

Information on knitting and galleries of completed projects.

Subway Knitter

Confessions of a public knitter.

Sunnybook's Yarns

Notes about knitting, reading, and life.

Sunset Cat

Musing regarding knitting and crafts.

Super Eggplant

Knitting blog with thoughts on sewing and baking included.


Expert knitter offers advice.

Susan Knits

Confessions of a serious fiber addict.

Suzann's Textilefusion

Crochet how-to's, retreat pictures, making buttons and workshop information.

Sweet Georgia

Talented knitted offers advice and photos of complete work.

Sweet Girl Knits

Personal musings on knitting, squirrel family and family outings.

Sweet Little Domestic Life

Journal of domestic adventures.

Tangled Up in Yarn

Personal journal of an avid knitter.

Tell me a Yarn

Guide to knitting, crocheting, and creating scrapbooks.

Terby Knits & Does Other Stuff Too

Mother discusses her knitting.

That Girl Crochet

Ramblings from an avid crocheted, knitter, spinner, and fiber junkie.

Threaded Bliss Yarns

Discusses knitting and fiber.

Through the Back Loop

Knitting and family related thoughts and updates.


Finland based knitter discusses her work.

Time to Knit

Stay at home mom discusses knitting.

Trampled by Geese

Blog from a Canadian male knitter.

Trek's Blog

Offers a collection of free patterns and knitting resources.


Posts about the blogger's knitting and craft projects.

Twisted Knitter

Daily life, works in progress, completed works and links to free knitting patterns.


Features a collection of knitting related links and resources.

Uncle Leona's Day Camp

Ramblings and observations on knitting, and golf.


The trials and tribulations of an obsessed artist.

VintageFusion Knits & Crochet

Singapore knitter/crocheter offering classes, pictures of completed projects and works in progress.

vWoolen Rabbit

New Hampshire woman discusses knitting and animals.

Waltzing Knitilda

Personal journal of an avid knitter.

Wanda Woman: Adventures in Knitting & Life

Finished and unfinished project updates and fun with friends.

Warm Fuzzy Knits

Thoughts from an addicted knitter.

Way Too Much Stash

Needle work blog covering current projects and ideas.

We Heart Yarn

Musings on knitting, family, friends and life.

What's Wannietta Knitting Today

Blog of the fastest knitter in North America.

Whispering Pine

Features knitting discussion and updates.


Colorado based knitter offers updates on her work.

Wicked Stitches

Confessions of a serial knitter.

Wild Swan

PhD student discusses knitting.

Wild Yarn

Crocheting ideas and information on projects past and present.

Wildly Crafty

Knitter offers social commentary and knitting advice.

Will Pillage For Yarn

Student and mother discusses knitting and crafts.

WIP Insanity

Serial knitter updates her projects.


Designer shares her knit work.

Wonder Girl Knits

Collaborative blog from several knitters.

Wool Is Wonderful

Home schooling blogger shares her knitting related thoughts.

Wool Windings

Texas knitter shares her work.

Wooly Mutts

Midwestern dog lover comments on knitting.

Wrap and Turn

Seattle based knitter updates her work.

Wye Sue Knits

Works in progress with updates, sky photos and her suppliers listing.


Discusses knitting and life.

Yarn Dreams

Offers project updates and knitting tips.

Yarn Harlot

Photos and discussion on knitting and crafts.

Yarn Junkie's Fix

Crocheting, recipes and family updates.

Yarn Pig

Avid knitter discusses her work.

Yarn Tootin'

Knitting updates and commentary on pop culture.

Yarn Utopia

Updates on the authors many projects.


St Louis knitter shares her work.

Yarngirl With a Hook

Information on knitting projects and tips to instruct novice knitters.

The Yarnpath

Discussion of knitting techniques.


Knitting advice and personal updates.

Yo La Tejo

Notes on knitting, school, and stuff.

Yummy Yarn

Chronicles her adventures in knitting and spinning.

Zen Knits

Progress updates from a California knitter.


Describes knitting and needlework projects and ideas.


Blog dedicated to natural fabrics, artisan and knitting fibers.

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