Video Games


Popular source for gaming news, covering all consoles as well as PC games.


Short video game reviews with a simple good/bad rating for all console, handheld, blockbuster, and indie games.


Blogs from this community of older gamers. 2o2p Internet Games

Covers MMORPGs, the basics, choosing a game, and game trends.

The Adventure Gamer

Offering reviews of video adventure games.

Adventure Gamers

Serving up adventure game news, reviews, hints and tips.


News and product reviews on video games and related culture.

Alternate Reality Gaming Network

Video game related news and information.

Apocalypso's Atomic Arcade

Offers information about video games, multimedia, and technology.

Armchair Arcade

Focusing on the history of video games and computers.


Manga scanlations, free comics, anime, cartoons, free games, and emulation.


Source for gaming news in every known platform.

Blonde Nerd

Video game reviews, from a girl who happens to be blonde. britt5091

Blue's News

Game news, tips, updates and patches.

Border House

Celebrating diversity in gaming, with commentary on video games and virtual worlds from feminist, LGBT and other marginalized gamer viewpoints.


Presenting gaming news, reviews and commentary from industry veterans.

Brainy Gamer

Blog and podcast offering a thoughtful take on video games.

Business Simulation Games Blog

Features commentary on business simulation games and game design. incomeoutcome

Commentary on video games and related culture.

Cheat Masters' Blog

Providing daily hints, tips and cheats for many kinds of games, primarily PS3 and Xbox 360.

Chewing Pixels

Thoughts on morality as it is portrayed in video games.

Choice of Games

Features news from this partnership dedicated to producing text-based, multiple-choice games; also offers information on their freely available scripting language for producing similar games.

Costume Get

Discusses the finer points of videogame character costumes.

CVG Blog

Offering extensive gaming commentary, reviews and previews. cvg_uk

Daniel Primed

Presents gaming analysis, critique and culture.

Daniel Solis

Blog about game design and development from a senior art director and an independent game designer.

Down Write Fierce

A group of writers share insights into game culture, including short, punchy reviews.

Dusty Gamer

Consists mostly of games recently played, with a summary of the action. http//

ESPN The Gamer Blog

A blog for those obsessed with sports video games.


Offers news, reviews, and videos of PC and console games.

European Toxic Clan

The blog of the infamous video game European Toxic Clan.


Computer and video gaming directory.


Features gaming news including reviews, opinions, and previews. Explosioncom

Famigo Blog

Devoted to family friendly apps and games. famigo

Gaming gear for professional gamers.

Flash Games Blog

Video walkthroughs for various games.

The Game Druid

Video gaming blog offering reviews, news, downloads, and online games.

Game Eaters

Video game commentary, news, and reviews.

The Game Fanatics

Offers independent video game reviews, articles, editorials, events, and product reviews.

Game Friends

Gaming community offering game reviews, news, guides, podcasts, videos, and player blogs.

Game Hub

Video game reviews and previews plus features and video game quizzes written by a community of video game journalists.

Game Informer

Offering extensive coverage of the video games scene.

Game People

Game reviews, guides, editorials and blogs. Anecdotal, authoritative, grown up and mature video game coverage for all ages.


Reviews, opinions,computer tutorials, and games.


Comprehensive resource for video game information - the games, consoles, and more.

GameJonez Blog

Video game news, reviews and information from around the gaming world.

The Gameless Game

Information and insights on a variety of gaming platforms.


Find reviews of your favorite video games across the PC and all consoles, plus hints, tips and tricks.

Gamer for a Laugh

Humorous look at the world of video games.

Gamer Syndrome

A video game community that offers a perspective of the gaming world that includes news, reviews, guides, and forums.

Gamers Game

Video game news, reviews, and information.

Gamers with Jobs

Offering gaming commentary five days a week, covering all genres and platforms. Written from the point of view of gamers with families to feed and bills to pay.

Games 4 Rehab

Documenting how video games can help people with a wide range of disabilities.

Games Are Evil

Offering gaming reviews, podcasts, news and rumors.

Games Day Podcast

Featuring video games discussion and chat every Wednesday.

Games Radar

Features the latest video game reviews, previews and industry news. gamesradar - The Blog

Extensive AOL gaming blog, offering particular coverage of social media games.


Video gaming magazine offering thoughtful and candid content.

The Gameshelf

Offering reviews and commentary on Indie games.

Gaming After 40

Gamer games on XBox 360 and Wii for new titles, other platforms for retro fun. Blog documents the development of computer and video games with humor, a sense of history, and as an art form.

Gaming My Way

Opinions about video games and roleplaying games.

Gaming Steve

Video game news and information blog complete with a podcast.


Collection of gamings news, videos, podcasts, and other related information.

Ghosts in the Game

Random thoughts and notes on video gaming and other related topics.

Gossip Gamers

Posts news, rumors, updates, screenshots, reviews, and other information about video games for computers and consoles.

Graduate Games Blog

Offers console game reviews, Indie PC games, and free demos.

Grand Text Auto

A group blog about computer narrative, games, poetry, and art.

Heartless Gamer

Provides video game news and game reviews.


Presents the rants and writings of a video game fanatic.

Hookshot Inc

Focuses on reviews of downloadable games that cost less than $15.


Thoughts from the International Game Journalist Association.


Video game related news and commentary.

Independent Gaming

Independent source for game news, information, and reviews.

Indie Games

Reviews and opinion on the best freeware and independent games and gaming downloads.

Inside Gaming Daily

Offers video game news, reviews, previews, and feature articles. Includes various screenshots and videos.

JBs Gamer Blog

Blogger shares his personal experience with the latest video games.


Comprehensive coverage of the video game world.

Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog

Award winning blog written by two brothers, covering both console and computer gaming with fresh perspective.

Kill Screen

Publishes short newsy games items and video games reviews.


Gamers blog offering gossip, cheats, nostalgia, and predictions.

Machinima Inside Gaming

Offering game reviews, news and previews, plus gaming humor.

minna ni naisho dayo

Video game thoughts and commentary from Singapore.

MTV Multiplayer

Presents the latest gaming reviews from the MTV team.


Featuring news for gamers, by gamers. n4g

The New Hotness

Video game reviews and commentary from a professional game journalist.

New Video Games Collection

Latest news and previews of new video games from different gaming consoles.

Next Gen Gaming

Providing gaming reviews and previews from this team of writers and gamers.

Noble Master Developer's Blog

The developer's blog of Noble Master Games, a game company.

Official Atari User Blog

Offering news, reviews and features on retro Atari gaming.


Posts independent video game reviews.

Old Grandma Hardcore

Photos and commentary on a hardcore gaming grandma.

One Player

Video game news, reviews and tips.

Online Game Walkthrough

Offers console and online games, and a large selection of escape game walkthroughs.

Operation Sports Blogs

Features a variety of blogs on the topic of sports gaming.

Opposable Thumbs

Ars Technica provides gaming updates, news, previews and analysis.


Blog devoted to browser-based strategy games. Features battles, guides, interviews, reviews, and polls.

PBEM Players

Dedicated to Play by Email games.

Phoenix Ascension

Discussing the comics and movies that relate to video games.

The Pinball Blog

Offers discussions about the machines, the people, the events, and the addiction of Pinball.


Lists and reviews single player maps and mods for the Half-Life series of single player first person shooter games.

Play SF

Devoted to science fiction and space gaming. playscifi

Play This Thing

Offering reviews and commentary on quirky, independent games which are not in the mainstream.

The Portable Host

A portable VGA Planets 3.x host, used to host games on many platforms.


An online virtual pet game, played on the Internet.


Independent games commentary from a variety of voices - title stands for "Real Independent Press to Every Nerd".

Ryan's GobLog

Comprehensive information and insights about video games by Ryan Williams.

Screw Attack

Featuring the latest gaming coverage and videos. screwattack

Slashdot Games

Video game news from Slashdot.

Social Game News

News aggregator providing summaries and links to the emerging news stories in the social games industry. Blog

Features information, screenshots, and videos of the games created by the two-man game development studio.

Stellar Impact

Offering extensive coverage of sci-fi and space strategy and turn based games.

Strategy Guide Reviews

Offering reviews of video game strategy guides.

Tales of a Scorched Earth

Personal weblog devoted to the review of video games and game culture.

That Video Game Blog

Provides extensive video gaming news, screenshots, previews and reviews.

TheGameBox Blog

Blog for India’s social gaming website, TheGameBox. Covers their games, how games are made, and informs about the productions team.

TIG Source

Blogging by a community of indie gamers and indie game developers. tigsource

True Football Manager

Dedicated to Football Manager game and contains information about author's experiences in FM.


Get the latest news, reviews, previews, videos plus gaming culture from gamers in NYC


Featuring extensive video gaming news and commentary.


Analysis of video game prices and video game collecting

Video Game Blogs 4 U

Supplies gaming tips, reviews, contests, and hints.

Video Game Media Watch

Video game related news headlines from around the web.

Video Games Blogger

Includes video gaming news, reviews, cheats, walkthroughs, and wallpapers of games for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, DS, and PlayStation Portable.

Video Games Canica

Informs about upcoming game releases, game characters, software, and the video game industry.

The Viral Web

Presents video gaming related videos, photos, podcasts, and information.

Virtual Pets Blog

Covers the virtual pet industry.

Way I Play

Video game news, reviews, and rants.

While Finished

Commentary on video games from the perspective of a feminist programmer.


Features news, video, and patches for game.

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