Conditions and Illnesses Blogs


Passionate discovery of the life lessons that come with living with a hidden disability. MarissaAbledis

Ask the Podcast Doctor

Regular podcast in which a doctor answers listener questions. umhealthsystem

Benzene Leukemia Law Blog

Offers information about the connection between leukemia (Aplastic Anemia, Myleodysplastic Syndromes, NHL and AML) and Benzene.

Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Offers expert advice and information to men and women suffering from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, menopause, or andropause.

But You Don't Look Sick

Featuring articles, support and humor for those living with an "invisible illness". bydls


Provides information about a wide variety of medical conditions.

Oldham Project

Documents the story of this charity, which offers free portraiture to people suffering from life threatening illnesses, and fantasy portraits for children with cancer.

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