Physician Blogs

A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor

Features humorous and insightful posts from a midwestern physician.

A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure

Perspective on medical issues from a general surgeon.

Abhishek Arora

A health blog written by a a professional doctor offering advice and insights.

Angry Doctor

Singapore based doctor comments on medicine.

Barbados Butterfly

Australian surgical registrar discusses work and offers advice for trainees.

Book of Joe

Medical thoughts and commentary from a physician.


Oncologist posts thoughts on medicine.

Chronicles of a Medical Mad House

Anecdotes and commentary from a practicing doctor.

Clinical Cases and Images - Blog

Physicians from relating medical, technology and other interesting stories.

Confessions of a Venial Sinner

UK based doctor offers insights into medicine.

DB's Medical Rants

A general internist writes on medical issues and the medical industry.

The Doctor Is In

Physician looks at medicine, politics, and religion.


Blog from a specialist in diseases of the lung and sleep disorders.

Dr Barnard's Blog

Blog of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Topics include vegan diets, animal testing and FDA issues.

Dr Tony

Community hospital doctor shares his experiences.

Fat Doctor

Obese physician reflects on life in the clinic and at home.

Freelance MD

A variety of physicians write about strategies for gaining greater control of your medical practice, income and lifestyle.

From a Clinician's Bioscope

Indian general and laparoscopic surgeon shares his thoughts on health news and issues.

Kevin MD

A practicing primary-care physician discusses health related issues.


Notes on medicine, science, and technology from a nephrologist in New York City.

Medicine for the Outdoors

News and information on issues effecting outdoor medicine from Dr. Paul Auerbach.


Commentary on medical news by a practicing physician.

Musings Of A Disheartened Doctor

National Health Services doctor comments on medicine.

Nice Guidelines

A doctor and ME sufferer offers critical commentary on healthcare issues in the news.


Commentary from a doctor seeking personal satisfaction.

The Orthopedic Logbook

Orthopedic surgeon practicing in the Phillipines writes about medical encounters and news. http://feeds/feedburner/orthologbook


Thoughts on medicine from Doctor Bruno.

Reflections of a Grady Doctor

Kimberly D. Manning, MD, shares her experiences of working in a busy county hospital.

Straight From the Doc

Healthcare commentary from an internal medicine physician.

What's New In Plastic Surgery?

Christine A. Hamori, MD. provides news, comments, and opinions.

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