Beer Blogs

[BW] Beer Blog

Informs about good beer from east to west. Covers breweries, countries, events, home brews, news, and organic beers.

52 Brews

Offers reviews, commentary, articles, and information about beer.

A Good Beer Blog

Discussion and commentary on all things beer related.

Appellation Beer

Beer blog offering posts on beer hopping, products, books reviews and tastings.

Beer Activist

Author and speaker, Chris O'Brien shares articles, events, videos, books, and his research into local brewing traditions.

Beer and Nash

Explores the possibilities of combing food and beer.

Beer Can Blog

Blog covering all aspects of beer can collections.

The Beer Critic

Presents beer reviews, news and articles about craft beer.

Beer Haiku Daily

Offers a collection of simple poems in celebration of beer.

The Beer Tourist

Journal describing one mans travels across Europe in search of good beer.


Blog covering beer news, events, and activities.


Postings on beer related themes include beer travels, breweries and beer festivals.

Blog About Beer

Self confessed beer fanatic shares opinion and insights on everything from the commercial beer industry to homebrewing and craft beer.

Brewers Association

Posts about beerology, home brewing, breweries, beer and food, news and events, and recipes.

Dr. J's Beer Blog

Dr. J's perspective on the history, taste and preference of his personally imbibed selections.

Hail the Ale

Beer related news headlines and beer reviews.

Real Beer Blog

News and commentary on all things beer related.

Taking the beard out of beer! - A Girl's Guide to Beer

Mellissa Cole writes and broadcasts about beer and the beer industry.

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