Al Gore Labs

Parody of progressive politics and the former American presidentiable Al Gore.

Beancounter Parodies

Selection of personally-concocted parodies on a variety of subjects - from celebrities to politics to academics.

Bumi Tengah

Malaysian Lord of the Rings blog parody. Features Malaysian bloggers as the characters.

The Catholic Smoke Ball

Contains spoofed news, information, comic strips, quotes, and more.


Collection of unusual, funny, and made-up news stories from Canada and the rest of the world.

The Conservative Commando

Features lego cartoons that present satire, sarcasm, right-wing extremism, and more.

Humor blog featuring articles, videos, captioned photos, and columns on film and TV, music, celebrities, sports, news, science, history, and odd subjects.

Crone and Bear It

A humorous look at life from the perspective of a middle aged slightly wacky woman.

David Drake

Display of sarcasm and parody dealing with current events, the news, and other interesting subjects.

Fat Eye for the Skinny Guy

Humor blog written by an anonymous fat guy.

Historical Tweets

What the great men and women of yesteryear would have tweeted, if only they'd had the chance.

The Internet Weekly Report

Selection of humor and parody-inspired news, animations, videos, photos, art, and more.

The Ironic Catholic

Aims to provide puns or suggest different meanings to the common concepts of the Catholic religion.


Spoofs of the popular iPod advertisements. Features political humor, t-shirt designs, and some other crazy stuff.

Less People Less Idiots

Rich and intense parody cited in current issues and other topics of interest.

Lose the Noose

Political parody mostly discussing America and its "war on terror" policy.

Michelle Obama's Mirror

Reflections from MOTUS, the mirror of the United States. Award winning parody that pokes fun at the White House.

My First Dictionary

Subtle yet warped humor on this twisted parody of a child's first dictionary, with an illustrated word a day.

Neil Shakespeare

Metaphors, symbolisms, and analogies with a twist of humor and ridicule.

Project Rungay

"Very gay" perspective to the famous fashion designing show "Project Runway.".

The Rants of Anaximenes

Thought provoking essays written with wit, satire, sarcasm, irreverence and occasional vituperation.

The Sampa Family

The worst in family and parenting values. Tune in for killer toy rants, hilarious parenting fails, the latest Oprah Said, and more.

The Satirical Report

Providing a light and funny way of looking at the top issues of the day.

Slave to Target

Parody of a woman's excessive addiction to Target products.

Union of Singapore Students Republics

Also known as the Students Sketchpad, this site presents student-made cartoons that reflect the Singapore education system and its schools.

Useless Advice from Useless Men

A few Useless Men get together to write advice with the help of the Advice Randomizer and One Useless Chick.

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