Pet Blogs

Animal Hospital of Polaris Blog

A resource for pet lovers. Covers health tips and advice on care of a pet.

Animal Planet Wall of Fame

Features user-submitted photographs of cute and cuddly pets.

Anipal Times

Blends animal humor with sometimes quirky and sometimes serious reporting on pet and animal related news from around the world.

Big Paw Designs

Featuring tips, tricks and helpful pet suggestions as well as information about pet products.

The Blog Pound

A student veterinary technician writes about the pet sanctuary she manages in Las Vegas, Nevada. Includes photographs and details of animals needing adoption.

The Daily Wag

Martha Stewart's pet blog, focusing mainly on cats and dogs.

Embrace Pet Insurance Blog

Information on pet insurance with links to insurance providers, tips for pet care, and other related discussions.

Exotic Pets

Features advice on guidance on keeping birds, lizards and other exotic pets.

Four Legged Only Dogs and Cats

Animal blog concentrating on products for dogs and cats, pet tips and adoption.

Fur Baby Inc

A blog for modern pets and their human.

Great Green Pets

Posts about and reviews green and environmentally friendly pet products.

Melbourne Pet Minders

Pet sitters update on new pets and local pet news.

My Puppy Dog Tales

Unforgettable photos and albums for family pets, and pet sitting services blog of Audrey Teno.

Comprehensive pet care information resource.

Natural Pet Health Blog

Collection of articles, tips, ideas, and other information pertinent to pet health.

Only Natural Pet Store

Covers natural and holistic pet health care for dogs and cats, including articles by holistic veterinarians, product reviews, and helpful pet care tips.

Paw Nation

Featuring pet and cute animals video clips, news and funny stories.

People Pets

Pet related news and videos from

The Pet Blog

Features humorous pet related features and news.

Pet Dreams Blog

Advice and tips on having a healthy and happy pet.

Pet Museum

A museum curator shares his passion for discovering pets in art, history and culture.

Pet News and Views

Offering coverage of pet related issues in current events.

Pet Sitting Trends

Offering pet sitting news and resources as well as tips for pet care.

Pet Sugar

Contains celebrity pet gossip, news and photographs.

Pet Turtles And More

About pet turtles and other related pets.

Provides posts on information on pet food reviews, pet health and everything cats and dogs. petfoodia


Featuring news, anecdotes, product ideas and articles of interest to pet lovers.


Commentary, views, and news on pet raising, handling, and more.

The PetWork

Offers a network of resources and information for pet lovers including information on shelters and rescue groups, veterinary services and animal welfare issues.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Articles about being a responsible dog and cat owner.

Richardson Zoo

Updates from the life of an animal lover and pet owner.

Strong Pet

Provides pet information and details about pet care.

Tales from the Pet Clinic

Written by WebMD expert Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM.


Contains information and polls about cats and dogs.

Twin Squeaks Gerbils Blog

Official blog of the Twin Squeaks Gerbils. Contains gerbil photos, care tips, health information, and more.

Veterinarians Behaving Badly

Sarcastic veterinary blog dedicated to the insanity of the American public.


Veterinary shares pet health insights, and offers coaching and guidance for pet parents.

What the Pets

Extensive commentary on various animals adopted as pets. With photos and links to related blogs.

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