Health Issues Tobacco

Clearing the Air

Aims to counter the acts of smoking ban advocates through information sharing and community building.

Frank Davis

Discusses smokers' rights, smoking bans, ethics and bad science.

Jay's Smokers Rights Blog

One female smoker's opinions on the smoking issue.

Pro Choice Smoking Doctor

Thoughts on freedom of choice in smoking from a British NHS anaesthetist who smokes.

The Rest of the Story

Designed to expose what the author sees as misleading and false information given by the anti-smoking lobby.

Stand Fast

Commentary on what the author views as anti-smoking tyranny around the world.

Taking Liberties

Features the author's thoughts on smoking bans and civil liberties, and particularly on the effect the smoking ban in England has had on pubs and clubs.

Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Thoughts on health and liberty, with a particular focus on smoking; from Christopher Snowdon, British author of a book on anti-smoking history.

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