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An Asatru Blog

A blog discussing matters of faith, philosophy, and ways of life pertaining to the religion and practice of Ásatrú. asatrublog

Aoibheal's Lair

Sharing insight into the everyday life of a faery witch.

Aquila ka Hecate

Rants and opinions from an anarcho-primitivist shaman in South Africa.

The Archdruid Report

Druid perspectives on nature, culture, and the future of industrial society, from The Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA).

Asatru Update

Written by Stephen A. McNallen, founder of the Asatru Folk Assembly.

Asteroth's Domain

Seeks to provide information on asteroth's apprentice, diaries and discussion forums. Offers additional information on inner journeys.

At The End of Desire

Features musings from a witch, poet and sensualist on the nature of desire in our everyday lives.

Branches Up Roots Down

Pagan psychotherapist in San Francisco shares insights into her days.

Broomstick Chronicles

Thoughts and comments on contemporary paganism and witchcraft on the web.

Capital Witch

Collecting pagan news from Washington, DC.

Citizen Times: The Village Witch

Byron Ballard blogs about traditional Appalachian witching and modern Earth religions.

Clan of Tubal Cain

Aims to preserve, develop and teach the legacy of Robert Cochrane and Evan John Jones, late Magisters of The Clan of Tubal Cain.

Confessions of a Kitchen Witch

Sharing magical recipes and crafts.

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom

Writings on a variety of pagan topics from a married Mom of three and pagan housewitch.

Copper Moon

Weekly pagan posts aimed specifically at teens and young witches. Actively seeks contributors.

Dark Mother Goddess

Witch attracted to the dark mother archetype shares insights into her world.

Driving Audhumla

Pagan journalist blogs about a collision of cultures and faiths.

Earth Mother Musings

An earthy pagan Mom blogs about family issues.

The Green Witch

Presents the thoughts and honest musings of a hedgewitch and greenwitch.

Gypsy Magic

Frequent postings celebrating gypsy magic and paganism.

Hawk's Cry

Postings from an ordained Wiccan minister, primarily working with Greco-Roman deities, and a shaman of the Mongolian tradition.


Californian witch and Mom shares her experiences of kitchen magic.


Lawyer who happens to be a witch blogs about life from an eco-feminist pagan point of view.

House of Vines

Hellenic-Egyptian pagan shares thoughts on dionysos and pagan practice.

The Informed Pagan

Promoting responsibility and integrity within the pagan community, through knowledge and awareness.

Jane Raeburn

Jane Raeburn is a Wiccan writer and editor.She is the author of "Celtic Wicca: Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century".

Llewellyn Paganism

Paganism news from mind body spirit publisher Llewellyn.

Meadowsweet and Myrrh

Contemplations from a young practising Druid in Pittsburgh.

Medusa Coils

Exploring and defending modern feminist goddess based spiritual paths.

Morgaine's Kitchen Witchery

Follower of the solitary Druid path for 21 years with a quest for personal and spiritual learning.

Morgan's Musings

Features observations on multiple topics including music, society, politic, social justice and paganism.

One Witch's Wonderland

Exploring pagan beliefs, rituals and lifestyles.

Pagan + Politics

Commentary on political and current affairs from a variety of pagan writers.

Pagan Dad

Offering advice and rituals for pagan fathers.

Pagan Homemaking

Blogging about creating the perfect pagan home.

The Pagan Prattle

Pagan newsletter focusing on the activities of religious extremists and earth mysteries.

Pagan Presence

Offering commentary on paganism and current affairs.

The Political Pagan

Comments on both paganism and politics in the US, from a "left-ish" point of view.

Salem's Creations

Pagan creativity aplenty from an Ohio based witch.

Sam Webster, Mage ~ Building a Pagan Future

The blog of a leader in neo-paginism, discussing topics such as beliefs, rituals, Thelema, Dharhma, and Golden Dawn.

The Secret Life of the American Working Witch

Blogging the not so unusual world of the modern pagan. kallan_kennedy

Society of Diana

Blogging about the Italian pre-christian religious tradition, Stregheria, and how it is practiced today.

Strange Onion Peelings

Focusing on the intersections between paganism, magick and esoteric thought.

Strategic Sorcery

Thoughts on magick and thaumaturgy, from an author of books on the topic.

This Week at WitchVox

Showcases the newest articles written by users at pagan networking site The Witches' Voice.

The Unveiling of a Pagan Spirit

Features thoughts from a pagan mother on the path of discovery.

Weaving the Web

Contains thoughts on paganism, divination and art from a Pacific Northwest Native textile artist.

Why Shamanism Now?

Christina Pratt hosts this weekly live internet radio show discussing issues in contemporary shamanism.

Wiccan Moonsong

A personal journey into Wicca, featuring inspirations and things learnt along the way.

Wild Hunt

Blends politics and a modern pagan perspective, reporting on news of interest to pagans and heathens worldwide.

Willow's Place

Official home page for Willow Polson, author of Pagan books.The site contains an online shop.

Wisconsin Pagan Trader Newsletter

Publication and posts by daughter of the Moon, a student of Wicca.

Witchy Momma

Pagan in the modern world shares some life experiences as well as reviews of products and services.

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