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Become an editor for the BOTW Blog Directory
When you edit at the BOTW Blog Directory you join a community of subject matter experts from all over the world - a volunteer community, collaborating to construct an exhaustive directory of high quality weblogs. Participating editors will work together as a team listing URLs and appropriate feeds into the directory, arranging blogs within a logical category structure, and ensuring that all blog listings comply with a specified set of guidelines.

General Info
  • You don’t have to become an editor to have your blog listed. All blog submissions are free, and to list your blog, it simply needs to meet our guidelines, and you can submit it here.
  • The BOTW Blog Directory is an English language directory, and all blog listings must be in the English language, or have an English language equivalent. All editors must be fluent in the English language, and have impressive writing skills.
  • You should be active in your area of interest – while we appreciate that individuals with varying levels of knowledge may want to participate, we are looking for individuals with expertise in their area of editing.
Filling out the Application
  • Incomplete applications will be disregarded.
  • Provide a working email address – we will contact you with follow-up information regarding your application and credentials.
  • Your first and last names will not be displayed – your username will be provided at the bottom of the category you edit, and on your editor profile page. You may choose to add information about yourself on your editor profile page.
  • Be specific about your Internet experience, industry experience, and reasons for getting involved. Let us know why you are a perfect match for the category.
  • Let us know what blog(s) you are associated with. This will not be held against you. Rather, we want to know that you have a site that is associated with the topic in the hopes that if you are writing about the subject, you probably know other great resources for your subject.

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