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Art History Blogs

Alberti's Window

Art history lover explores the meaning of art.

American Gallery

Non profit blog where one artist shares her extensive passion for American artists.

Art Blog by Bob

Amateur art historian shares his thoughts on pieces and art news which have captured his attention.

Art History Attacks!

Art history from ancient, medieval, and early modern, to modern.

Art History News

Covering discoveries of lost paintings, history of art research, new museum exhibitions, painting conservation and new history of art books.

Art History Ramblings

The contemplations of an art history wannabe.

Art History Today

Responsive art history that is opinionated, but from the heart.

The Artblog

Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof bridge the gap between ordinary people and art.

Arts and Architecture, Mainly

Covers decorative arts and architecture of Europe, North America and Australia from 1640 to 1940, and the fine arts.


Daily art news with an overview of culture and ideas.

Baroque Potion

David Byron develops software by day but becomes an art historian by night.


Lee Rosenbaum's cultural commentary and keeps tabs on the art world.

The Earthly Paradise

Historian with a passion for art, aesthetics and literature shares her joys.


Blog written for historians of eighteenth-century art and architecture.

Every Painter Paints Himself

Features art exhibitions, reviews, recent books, and ideas and articles.

Gandalf's Gallery

Posts pictures and short commentaries, hoping to educate about art history.

Holy Place, Please Remain Silent

Focuses on everything this blogger finds beautiful about the history of art and architecture.

Juxtapoz Magazine

Contemporary and underground art bible, with featured articles, gallery guides, forums, and archives.

Mythical Women

Explores the role of women in art icons and images.

Old Paint

Simply presents a historical painting a day (nearly) for the reader to explore.

Painting History

Explores paintings of moments in history and how these have helped to shape national identities.

Painting History

Examines how national identity has been formed by paintings.

Pre Raphaelite Art

Pondering the years prior to Raphael through painting and sculpture.

Rock Art Blog

Examining ancient rock art from an art historian's point of view.

Romantic Ruins

Critiques the role of ruins in artistic subjects.

Women in the Bible

The interpretation of the famous women of the Bible by artists from the late Gothic and the Renaissance till the 20th century.

Your Daily Art

Regular posts feature a famous piece of art and short background information, leaving viewers to offer their own interpretations.

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