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A Daily Doodle

A new doodle every day, or request a doodle if you would like to see something special.

The Absorbascon

Comic book coverage with a focus on the classics.

The Beat

Offering news and commentary on comics culture.

Black Snow Comics

Ramblings from the webcomic creators.


Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag's thoughts on comic books and super heroes.

Cartoon Brew

Blog provides news and commentary on the animation industry.

Chris's Invincible Super-Blog

Features classic comics reviews and photos.

The Comic Queen

Collaborative collection of comic book reviews from females.

Comic books, movies, and television news.

Comics Ate My Brain

Posts regarding comic books, movies, and pop culture.

The Comics Curmudgeon

Josh Fruhlinger making the funnies funnier, and loves comics more than anything.

Comics Fairplay

Musings about comic related events.

The Comics Journal

Classic comics to modern graphic novels are highlighted here.

Comics Oughta Be Fun

Commentary on new comic books and collector related issues.

The Comics Reporter

Reviews and information on recently released comics.

Comics Should Be Good

Reviews and insights on the latest comic book releases.

Comics Worth Reading

Gallery of comics, graphic novels, and reviews.

Completely Futile

Comic book and manga reviews and commentary.


Comic world full of death, destruction, murder, mayhem and nonsensical annihilation.

The Daily Cartoonist

Collection of industry news for the professional cartoonist.

Dance of the Puppets

Comic book commentary with a focus on female characters.

Dark Horse Comics

Articles, comics, features, toys, books, and statues from Dark Horse Comics.

Dave's Long Box

Blog reviewing the comic books in the owners collection.

Dial B for Blog

Showcases the art of comic book covers.

Double Articulation

Critical essays about comic books, film, and genre fiction.

Fanboy Rampage

Comic book focused blog offering reviews, commentary, and rumors.

Filing Cabinet of the Damned

Offers a humorous look at classic comic books.

Focused Totality

Reviews comic books and offers commentary on the associated culture.

The Fortress of Soliloquy

Comic reader shares his thoughts.

Go Comics

Features news and commentary from this comics portal and catalog of syndicated newspaper strips and webcomics. gocomics

Graphic Justice

An international and interdisciplinary research alliance for the exploration of the interaction between all kinds of graphic fiction and the multiple dimensions of law and justice.

Graphic Novelties

Offers links to comic book related news from around the web.


Random comments and rants on comic books and comic culture.

Heroes Online

Official blog of Heroes Aren't Hard to Find and the Heroes Convention.

The Hurting

Comic book commentary and reviews.

I Am NOT The Beastmaster

Essays, analysis, and commentary on comic books.

Jog - The Blog

In depth analysis of comic books.


Continual updates the artist progress towards martial arts and the comic book he's creating.

The Johnny Bacardi Show

Comic book news, commentary, rumors, and reviews.

Kirby Comics

Weblog covering the books from Jack Kirby.

Lady, That's My Skull

Contains images and commentary on classic comic books.

League of Melbotis

Long running blog for the discussion of super heroes and comic books.

Listen To Us, We're Right

Collaborative blog of comic book news and event coverage.

MeatHaus Comix

Read on featured comics, art gallery, special features and information, subscription details, contacts, and other resources.

Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin

Comic reviews, commentary, and collecting information.

Monitor Duty

Contains comic book and culture news.


Collection of comic book related thoughts and resources.

Nobody Laughs at Mister Fish

Offers comic book reviews and related thoughts.

North Central Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society

Northern California group get together to share information on comic creation.

Panels and Pixels

Commentary and coverage of comic books and video games.

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blog

Pappy dissects the images of vintage comic books.


Two authors offer up conflicting views on comic books.

The Quaequam Blog

Blog for the 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath.

Reporting on Marvels and Legends

Features information and reviews of new releases.

Return to Comics

Posts comic book related news and reviews.

The Savage Critic

Offers comic book reviews from Brian Hibbs.

Seven Hells

Offers a humorous look at popular comic books.

Shelly's Comic Book Shelf

Middle aged NYC librarian shares her obsession with comics.

Sidebar Nation

Podcast on comics, art and pop culture. SiDEBARPodcast

Simon Furman

Writer for comic books and TV animation, his name inextricably linked to Transformers, the 80s toy phenomenon.

Sleep Is For Suckers

Thoughts on comic books, television, and movies.

Snark Free Waters

Multiple contributors post updated comic book news and information.

So So Silver Age

Comic book discussion with a focus on the classics.

Spandex Justice

Blogger shares his thoughts on comics and toys.

Springfield Punx

Cartoon parody of the comic characters on the Simpson's.

Suspension of Disbelief

Fact checks events in popular comic books.

Tim the Sheep

Self-referential and slightly self-loathing manifestation of an author's frustrations with unemployment, depression and not getting published.

Too Much Coffee Man

Site offers comic strip images and texts, and also links for home, comics, opera and forum.

Commentary from a popular comic book author.

X-Ray Spex

Collector shares his thoughts on comics and related media.

Yet Another Comics Blog

Rants and raves on comic books and the related culture.

The Zeta Beam

Posts reviews on comic books both new and old.

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