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A Way with Words

Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett host a radio show about words and language, and how we use them.

Anecdotal Evidence

Intersection of books and life, and impact of poetry and prose and it's influence on human experience.

Ask the English Teacher

Blog written by an author and teacher, Crawford Kilian. Offers questions and answers about English usage.

Brave New Words

PhD student from Chicago, now living in Wales, comments on language and literacy.

Bridging the Unbridgeable

A project on English usage guides, financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.


Compiles news items, events, and research in speech, language, and hearing disorders.

Dr. Goodword's Language Blog provides a blog about words and language.

The Engine Room

Focuses on language use, editing, publishing and the media in general, written by a sub editor on a weekly UK magazine.

The English Blog

Blog offering resources, reviews, tips and trivia for students and teachers of English.

English Language @ SFX

Blog aimed at A Level English Language students, for news, opinion, and discussion of English Language issues.

English, Jack

Contains thoughts on the psychology of language learning and teaching.

Free Language Stuff

Offers language activities and worksheets.

Friends of Epicaricacy

Commentary on the author's love of words, poetry and double dactyls.


Musings on names, brands and the quirks of the English language.

Games with Words

Blog focused on language including how to understand it, research, findings, and controversies.

John Wells's Phonetics Blog

Commentary on everything to do with phonetics.

Language Fix

A Speech and Language Pathologist blogs about languages, learning, and learning about languages.

Language Log

Several authors talk about words; their structure and origins, and their impact on humanity's past, present and future.


Commentary on all things language related from a former BBC pronunciation advisor.

Literal Minded

Linguistic commentary, taken to literal extremes.

LLAS News Blog

News articles of interest to the higher education languages, linguistics and area studies.


Linguist posts about endangered and indigenous languages.


Discussing linguistics and philology with an emphasis on Indo-European and Afro-Asiatic language phyla.

Mighty Red Pen

Editor and writer explores issues of grammar and language.

Mr Verb

Enjoying the evolution of language and posting on linguistics and cognitive science.

The Name Inspector

Focusing on the linguistics of company names, brand words and corporate nomenclature.


Musings on language and languages, language learning and teaching, language-related technology and linguistics.


Official blog of the Oxford Dictionaries, offering entertaining and illuminating word news.

Pain in the English

Discusses and debates the "gray areas" of the English language.


Focuses on ancient languages and civilizations.

Pimsleur Speaks

Offers language learning tips, travel advice, teaching resources, and program news.


Features the surprising history of words you thought you knew.

Replicated Typo

Words, language, cultural evolution, and all things that come between.

Schott's Vocab Blog

Repository of unconsidered lexicographical trifles, phrases and modern words.

Sentence First

Features interesting insights into the English language from an Irish man's point of view.

Separated by a Common Language

Observations on British and American English from an American linguist based in UK.

Translation Blog

Find tips, advice, and information both for translators and translation buyers.


Steven Pool observations and input on words as weapons.

The Virtual Linguist

Author of several language books discusses current language issues.

The Visual Linguist

Neil Cohn studies the visual language of comics.

Wishy Dig

Michael Covarruabias' posts on etymology, diction, and other topics related to vocabulary.

The Word

English usage and grammar column by Jan Freeman for the Boston Globe.

Word Spy

Spots interesting and unusual words in real life published contexts, with citations.

World Wide Words

Discusses word histories, new words, the background to words in the news and problems of English usage, from a British English point of view.

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