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Language Dictionaries

Dictionary Evangelist

Language, words, and phrases sliced and diced in daily use.

Double-Tongued Word Wrester Dictionary

Fringe English lexicon particulary dealing with slang, jargon, and new words.

Internet Polyglot

Online lessons for learning English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and other languages.

Lhaesine Dictionary Project

Conlang dictionary initiative. Presents words definitions along with pronunciation hints.

Macmillan Dictionary

Language change and global English from Macmillan. Language and words in the news.

Martha Barnette's...Orts

Diction notes and thoughts of the co-host of the language public radio show "A Way with Words.".

Miresua Conlang

Constructed language dictionary complete with definitions and pronunciation guides.


Bob Kennedy's blog on the meanings of words, idioms, and expressions.

Urban Dictionary

News and updates from this dictionary of modern street slang.

What Does that Mean

Free dictionary of English idioms, buzzwords, and catch phrases.

Word Routes

Exploring the pathways of the English lexicon.


Features a word of the day, plus news from this extensive online dictionary community.


Featuring a growing dictionary of ephemeral or stunt words.

Zrharc! The Comment Word Verification Dictionary

Introducing various made up funny definitions to words, phrases, or statements.

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