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Literature Publishing

Beacon Broadside

Publisher blog. Provides news, reviews, author interviews and assessments about Beacon Press books.

Book Two

Exists to report, catalogue, investigate, stimulate and debate the future of literature and publishing in a digital age.


Dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism.

Buzz, Balls & Hype

Publishing information from author M.J. Rose.

The Chicago Blog

Publisher blog. Offers information, reviews, author interviews and assessments about books published by the University of Chicago Press.

Editorial Anonymous

Blog written by a Children’s Literature publisher.


Reprinter of out-of-print genre and general fiction and nonfiction provides provocative commentary on traditional versus digital publishing.

First Second Books

Blog from the publishers of books for Middle grade to Young Adult to Adult readers.

Flogging The Quill

Author and editor Ray Rhamey offers advice for novelists.

Harvard University Press Publicity

Blog from Harvard University. Offers information, critiques, author interviews and commentary about the research, journals and books published by HUP.


Ponders the future of books and the publishing industry.

Indiana University Press Blog

Indiana University Press blog. Contains articles, author interviews and reviews of the books that IAP publishes.

Kids’ Comics

Online publication of RAW Junior, LLC, publisher of the Little Lit Library and TOON Books.

LSU Press Blog

Publisher blog. Highlights articles, reviews, author interviews and commentary about books published by the Louisiana State University Press.

Mishaps and Adventures

Blog written by a publisher of Young Adult and Children’s Literature discusses book design.

MITPress Blog

Publisher blog. Provides information, reviews, author interviews and evaluations about the journals, research and books published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press.

The New York Review of Books

Provides a wide range of relevant literary topics, with commentary, trends, and interviews.

News from the University of Georgia Press

University of Georgia Press blog. Provides reviews, author interviews, and information of the books that Duke Press publishes.

Off the Page

Blog from Harvard University Press. Presents news, discussion, author interviews and insights about and by the authors published through HUP.


Oxford University Press blog. Includes commentary and reviews of the books that OUP publishes.

Penn Press Blog

University of Pennsylvania Press blog. Features news, author interviews and reviews of the books that Penn Press publishes.

Pimp My Novel

Gives an insiders look at what happens once a book has been acquired by a publisher.

Publishing Frontier

Conducts public discussion of the revolution that is happening in publishing and how it effects readers, society, economics, and privacy.

Publishing Insider

Publishers journal on books, music, and movies.

Read Roger

Blog from the Editor in Chief of Horn Book, Inc. Covers information, podcasts, and the children’s and young adult literature that the company publishes.

The Scholarly Kitchen

Spotlights the happenings in scholarly publishing. Find new developments, reports, and programs.


Children's booksellers discuss things literary, artistic, and mercantile.

Stanford University Press

Blog from Stanford University Press. Includes articles, assessments, and author interviews about the research, journals and books published by Stanford Press.


Covers various intellectual property issues in the publishing world and connects to several other literary blogs.

Tools of Change for Publishing

Insights, events, and resources provided by O'Reilly Media.

University of California Press Blog

Dispenses articles, reviews, author interviews and insights about books published by University of California Press.

University of Hawai’i Press Blog

Blog from University of Hawaii Press. Furnishes information, assessments, author interviews and commentary about books published by UHP.

Unpublished Guy

Nearly serious, fiction related diversions for writers.

Writer Beware Blogs!

Blog pointing out pitfalls and warnings for new writers concerning scams and schemes on the horizon.

Provides information about writing, including articles on how to get published, tools of the trade, and additional resources.

Your Book Publishing Coach

Writing tips, publishing pointers, book marketing tactics, promotion strategies for authors and other experts.

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