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Movie News and Media

Chicago Reader on Film

Covers movie action, week by week each month.


Features updates and articles covering the indie film industry.

Film Junk Blog and Podcast

Sarcasm and the latest movie news.


Covers all things movie-related, but not necessarily in a serious way.


Online source for news about independent films and filmmaking events.

Movie Nation

Movie news, updates and commentary by Boston Globe movie critics Wesley Morris and Ty Burr.

MTV Movies Blog

Covers the specter of movies with exclusive news, and celebrity columns.

NYC Production & Post News

Offers daily coverage on trends and news for media creatives in the NYC region with an emphasis on content creation for film, video, and digital media.

Reel Movie News

Featuring news, rumors, trailers, pictures, and quotes from the newest movies and the classics.

Slash Film

Movie news and reviews from a variety of contributors.


Smart thoughts about movies, and includes movie trailers.

The Weekend Warrior

Information on the box office figures each week for upcoming movies.

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