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Movies Screenwriting

A Bucket of Love

Insights from a Texas screenwriter.

Alligators in Helicopters

Theories on screenwriting and reading.

The American Knight

Musings of a struggling Chicano screenwriter.

Andy Coughlan

Screenwriting and filmmaking blog.


Diary of a screenwriter and playwright.

Dead Things on Sticks

Thoughts and advice from an independent screenwriter.


Blog from a direct to DVD film writer and producer.

Fun Joel's Screenwriting Blog

Thoughts from a New York native living in Hollywood.

Go Into The Story

The craft of screenwriting, movies, Hollywood, and the creative life.

I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

Screenwriting thoughts from a professional.

I Need to Sell a Screenplay

Sharing screenwriting thoughts, ideas, and tips as well as what to do about supporting oneself while trying to "break in."

I Want to Write

Postings from a novice looking to break into the industry.

John August

Screenwriting tips and advice from a professional.

The Jon Stokes Blog

Writer/Director Jon Stokes blogs about film making. http://www.jonathanwstokes/feed

Ken Levine

The world as seen by a TV comedy writer.

Kid Sis in Hollywood

Thoughts on screenwriting and life in Hollywood.

Kung Fu Monkey

Weblog of a professional screenwriting for television and film.

Lee Goldberg

Journal of a professional screenwriter.

Man Bytes Hollywood

Provides progress updates on his screenplay.

Mark's Screenwriting Blog

Screenwriting blog for new and experienced screenwriters to find information.

Movie Bytes

Blogging as a guide to a wide range of screenwriting contests and marketing opportunities.

The Moviequill

Screenwriting insights from a man in Oklahoma.

Sanctum of the ScriptWeaver

Ideas from the author of over twenty screenplays.


Stories from a seasoned screenwriter.

Screenwriter's Corner

Blog by professional screenwriter Syd Field.

Screenwriting on the Blog

Thoughts from a London based award winning screenwriter.

Sex in a Submarine

Adventures of a professional screenwriter and frequent film festival jurist, slogging through the trenches of Hollywood, writing movies that you have never heard of, and getting no respect.

Shouting into the Wind

Advice for beginning writers and progress reports.

Simply Scripts

Collections of free movie, radio, anime, and unproduced scripts and screenplays. With a discussion board and movie reviews.

Things They Won't Tell You in Film School

Diary of a young woman looking to become a screenwriter.

The Thinking Writer

Commentary on related news and screenwriting advice.

This Savage Art...

Personal journey in the filmmaking of William Speruzzi .

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