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About 7 inch crust records plus hardcore, powerviolence, political grindcore 7"s.

A Grumpy Old Man With A Beard

Postings from a music addict in Auckland, New Zealand. Focuses on hip hop, funk, soul, and R&B. DuncanMaster

Fiddlefreak Folk Music Blog

Blog covering folk, bluegrass, Celtic and related music.

Heavy Blog is Heavy

Featuring heavy metal news and reviews. heavyblog

Hot Releases

Presents electronic music releases, charts, and DJ sets.

Jamaican View

Current news about reggae, jazz, reggaeton, calypso, and soca music.

Notlob Music

Blog providing commentary on news affecting the folk and roots music community in the Boston area.

The Organ Amateur Blog

Blogger gives their personal opinions on church music and related topics.

Pretty Much Amazing

Offering extensive coverage of the American pop scene.

Real Cool Time

An on-going collection of alternative and Indie classics, live performances, old videos, new videos and musical commentary.

Songs Of Yore

Musings on music from the golden era of Indian cinema; a tribute to Hindi film songs from the 1930s through the 1960s.

Soul and Funk Music

Everything you could want to know about soul and funk artists and music, with charts, interviews and featured tracks.

Soul Sides

Soul music blog providing downloadable mp3's and music reviews.

West Coast Music

News, reviews, and commentary about West Coast music and classic rock.

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