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Ad Broad

Random thoughts on the industry from an ad broad.

Online advertising news and discussion.

The Adhole

Jason Fox rants on advertising, politics, monkeys, and pop culture.


News for those in the advertising business.


Reporting on the brilliance and idiocy of the media and advertising industry. Offers subversive comment on the questionable, the absurd, the new and the noteworthy.

Ads of the World

A daily showcase of new creative advertising talent from around the world.


Covers interactive marketing and advertising and features examples of promotions in different media.


Everything there is know about advertising and then some.

Advertising Age

News postings from the popular weekly magazine.

Advertising Lab

Commentary on the future of advertising.


Regular podcast exploring the world of advertising.


Thoughts from deep inside an ad agency.

American Copywriter

Podcasts and blog about the world of advertising and some other time consumers.

Beanstalk Talk

Water cooler free style talk about the tumultuous world of marketing.

Beyond Madison Avenue

Advertising dissected and discussed beyond the edge.

Business Gray Matter

Review of printed business marketing materials including billboards, business cards, banners and posters. Analyzes design and effectiveness in promoting the advertiser. BusinessGM


Advertising copywriter who vents at least 20 times a week, and also hates capri pants.

Cup of Java

Caffeinated posts about the world and life as an adgrunt.

The Denver Egotist

Blog and news about the field of advertising and marketing.

Discount Displays

Blog with marketing hints and tips focused in getting the most from a display and exhibition budget. displayexperts

Everything's Better With Brentter

Brent Terrazas covers everything he can about advertising.

Funkadelic Advertising

London based advertising specialist comments on funky adverts, particularly campaigns using social media or augmented reality.

Gods of Advertising

Making the public want what it doesn't need.

Great Ads

Showcasing the best in creative advertising from around the world.

Hey Whipple

Creative advertiser muses offers commentary about media.

Illegal Advertising

Featuring the best of banned adverts, underground campaigns, viral ads and similar. illegalads

Kiss My Black Ads

Movement for accurate representations in the field of advertising.

KR Connect

Blog of Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi. krconnect

Live and Uncensored!

Angela Natividad works to push advertising in the right direction.

Meme Huffer

Offers a breath of culture, ideas, and other stuff.


Talking about cluelessness in the advertising arena.

Renegade Agency Confessional

Second hand commentary about first hand accounts.

Scary Ideas

Showcasing the best, the worst and the most entertaining efforts from the ad industry.

Show Your Logo

Offers marketing and branding inspiration as well as commentary on promotional products, industry-related news, and events. @showyourlogo

Valentino's Displays Blog

Provides post on industry news from a shop fittings and point of sale company. vdisplays

Weakly Thunk

Advertising, skepticism and zombies from Vic Houghton.

Why Advertising Sucks

An overview of advertising, and why it sucks.

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