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Cloud Computing Blogs


Information on security, networking, and cloud computing.


Covers industry analysis and current research into cloud computing issues.

Bits or Pieces?

Find the rants and raves of Simon Wardley, on the node between the physical and digital.

Business Cloud News

Offering strategic insight into cloud computing issues for business. bizcloudnews

Chaotic Flow

Joel York looks at market strategies and tactics for those delivering SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications.

Cloud Ave

Follows and reports on the latest developments in cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

Chirag Mehta a software specialist covers technology, strategy, innovation, and design.

Cloud Computing Journal

Find details of authors, topics, editorial, events and webcasts.

Cloud Computing Security

Craig Balding shares his thoughts on the security implications of cloud computing.

The Cloud Computing Show

Includes show dates and information and cloud tips.

Cloud Musings by Kevin L Jackson

Personal comments and insight on cloud computing related technologies and their use in the public sector to support net-centric operations.

Cloud of Innovation

Thoughts at the intersection of technology, business, and the cloud.

Cloud Productivity

Features reviews of cloud productivity tools, plus hints, tips and resources for staying productive.


Get the buzz on cloud computing from case studies, vendors, and everything in between.


Cloud developer blogs about infrastructure as a service and about operational cloud strategy.


Offers discussion on the state of cloud computing and open source software.

Competitive Business Innovations

Ray DePena watches the battle for cloud dominance and comments on the implication of everything-on-demand for the business world.

Digital Nibbles

Podcast and blog offering coverage of developments in cloud technology. digitalnibbles

Haut Tech

Cloud consultancy firm shares thoughts on SaaS, on-demand business apps and the technology driving these advancements.

I Am On Demand

Ofir Nachmani informs about cloud computing including terminology, startups, and security.

Jack of all Clouds

Guy Rosen offers commentary and analysis on cloud computing.

John M. Willis Blog

Gives cloud computing news and thoughts on IT management.

LawCloud Computing

Focusing on cloud computing as it is relevant to lawyers.

Parquantix Blog

Blog providing information for companies already using Amazon Web Services of for those thinking of using it. Focuses on how to save money via automated systems and how to reduce costs, covering AWS, Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2. Posts also feature tips and advice, as well as an in-depth look at pricing plans and how to find the best fit for your business.

Perspectives on Cloud Computing from Learning Tree International

Offers resources and training on cloud computing.

Rational Survivability

Cristopher Hoff talks about security, survivability, virtualization and cloud.


Read about the implications of clound computing and virtualization.

Smooth Span

Distilling cloud computing, SaaS and Web 2.0 into the bits that executives and entrepreneurs really need to know.

Software as Services

ZDnet blog which follows and analyzes developments in the SaaS and on-demand applications field.

Think IT Services

Examines the business implications of IT service trends ranging from SaaS and cloud computing to managed services and other on-demand items.

Thinking Out Cloud

All about cloud computing, computer systems, and cloud management.

Thoughts on Cloud

Features insights into cloud computing from IBM. IBMcloud

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