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Board Games

The (New) Tao of Gaming

Featuring board game session reports and reviews, plus gaming strategy discussion.

A Boy Named Doug

Grandfather posts detailed reviews of the board games he has enjoyed.

AKA Pastor Guy

Personal blog with a focus on board games and Jesus.

Beyond Candy Land

Posts reviews of board games which can be enjoyed by a family playing together.

The Blog of Michael Mindes

The founder of Tasty Minstrel Games discusses board games and board game publishing.

Board Game Designers Forum

Supplies resources for designing board games. Includes prototyping, publishing, and playtesting.

The Board Game Family

Features family board game reviews and video clips, with advice on treasuring family togetherness by playing games.

Board Game Guru Blog

Online retailer, specializing in board games, offers gaming information, and details about new releases.

Board Game Madness

Blogger writes about the ways board games have changed his life.

Board Game Reviews by Josh

Offers game reviews and rambles and includes the rating system used by the author.

Board Game Reviews by Josh

Features in-depth reviews of board games, with an explanation of the author's rating system.

Board Games - Creation and Play

Focuses on board game design, from Jackson Pope of Reiver Games.

Board Games Critic

Offers board game reviews, guides, and general information.

Board Games with Scott

Offers video series on a variety of board games.

Boardgame Beast

Offers board game reviews, their history, and buyer's guides.

BoardGameGeek News

Featuring news relevant to board gaming hobbyists.

Boardgames To Go

Mark Johnson's opinionated blog about strategy boardgames.

BrettSpiel - Board Game Design

Provides news, articles and thoughts on board game design; also includes reviews.

Bruno Faidutti's Blog

A game designer writes about card and board games. Site is in French and English.

Casual Game Revolution

Offering news, articles and reviews of casual board and card games. casualgamerev

Chicago Chess Blog

Blog offering posts on chess in Chicago.

Chris Brooks

Blog providing photos and coverage of game related events.

Coffee House Chess

Australian chess coach blogs about the game.

Days of Wonder

Developer and publisher of games gives a selection on online board games. Includes a guide, news, and details about the company.

DC Gamer

Offers thoughts, reflections, and reviews on board games.

Death of Monopoly

Author aims to prove that modern board and card games are an important part of life.

Dice Hate Me

Blogging about board and paper games and the blogger's run-ins with devilish dice.

The Dice Tower

Extensive podcast series offering board games reviews and news.

Drake's Flames

Features opinionated board game reviews with attitude.

Felbrigg's Gaming Blog

An avid board gamer reports on his gaming life.

The Game Aisle

Board games industry blog with news and reviews.

The Game Ranch

Features game news, product reviews, and event coverage.


Mikko Saari writes about board games.


Provides updated news and reviews of recently released board games.

Gamer's Mind

Thoughts on board games, board gaming, and other topics.

The Gaming Gang

Lively board and card games blog featuring reviews, hints, tips and memorabilia.

Garrett's Games and Geekiness

Doug Garrett and his wife Shelley discuss and review the strategy/designer board games they play on this weekly podcast.

Guilt Free Games

Sharing insights into the board and board-based RPG games these authors play.

Hiew's Boardgame Blog

Features posts with extensive reviews of many different board games.

I'd Rather Be Gaming...

Gamer from Australia posts about his interests in particular board and card games.

Inconsequential Ruminations

Personal blog covering board games and breaking technology.

Journal of Boardgame Design

Offers appreciation and analysis of board games.


Blog covers boardgaming with kids.

Man OverBoard

Boardgaming Weblog by board gamer, Paul Owen.

Meople's Magazine

Board game talk for meeple and people. Includes reviews, news, articles, and FAQs.

Mike Doyle's Art Play

Offering thoughts on game design and board game aesthetics.


Posts from a self confessed board games geek.

The Noble Gamer

Blogger reviews and writes about board games. ianoble

The Opinionated Gamers

Provides reviews and commentary on boardgames.


Blog about boardgames offering posts, groups and links.

Play Board Games

Offers board game reviews, strategy tips, and session reports.

Playing and Designing Board Games

Board game designer shares his thoughts and his print-and-play games.

Playing with Myself

What happens when you're a keen board gamer but without enough opponents.

San Antonio Board Gamers

San Antonio Board Gamers group blog and community hub.

Shannon A

Board game reviews, commentary and product information.

Tabletop Wargames Blog

Tabletop war games blog featuring discussion of rules, sets, and painting techniques.

Traditional Board Games of India

Occasional posts examine the history and culture of Indian traditional board games.


Offers weekly updates and posts about board games.

Unboxed: The Board Game Blog

Includes podcasts, gaming resources, a review list, and board game news.

Vintage Board Games

Sharing photographs of old board games.

WAGS Chronicles II

Blog from the Weekly Amateur Gaming Society.

Word Up

Featuring hints, tips and strategy for competitive Scrabble players.


Board game commentary from an Israeli blogger.

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