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Game Development and Publishing

Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game

An open source game system. Provides news and updates, project news, tools, and how to contribute.

Berlin Game Design

Game designer offers a blog dedicated to the form, function and beauty of game design.

Blobs in Games

Offers game related thoughts from a blogger interested in game development. Writings include game design, development, and reviews.

DuBarry Games

Philip duBarry, designer of euro-games promotes his games and offers updates on his works. pdubarry

Game Publishers Association

Posts news articles regarding new game releases and member company announcements.

Game Usability Blog

Joerg Niesenhaus blogs about game design and interfaces, and game experiences.

Go Make Me a Sandwich

A feminist write about her frustration with the escalation of sexist imagery being used to sell games.

Goblinoid Games

Publishers of old-school games including Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future. Includes product details, news, and what's coming up.

Point Zero Games

Various thoughts and observations about game design and publishing.

Pulsipher Game Design

Dr. Pulsipher offers comments on game design and information about games he is designing or has designed.

Seven Degrees of Freedom

Posts technical information and advice relating to the programing aspects of computer games.

Shergill Games

A wannabe programmer learning how to write and program simple games using Python, Actionscript 3, and Java. She also messes with Android, Linux, and open source software.

Sorcery and Super Science

Publisher of old-school renaissance games.

Steve Jackson Games

Blog of a company that publishes books, games, and magazines for game fans.

Unofficial Games

Blog explains game design choices, written by an amateur game developer.

Vikram's Blog

Details and tutorials about game development written by a Net developer and hobby game programmer.

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