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28mm Victorian Warfare

Focusing on the Crimean war, the Boer wars and other conflicts of the Victorian era.


Discusses gaming, miniatures, books and life in general.

A Wargaming Odyssey

With a focus on imagi-nation wargames, particularly naval and around Russia and Turkey.

Archduke Piccolo

A personal and eclectic collection of wargame battles, projects and plots.

Avon Napoleonic Fellowship

Australian wargaming blog with a focus on historical figure-based games in the Napoleonic period.

Back to the minis

Blog about miniature war playing games.

Battle Game of the Month

Offering regular posts on wargaming topics.

Bell of Lost Souls

Featuring news, rumors, comment forums, battle reports, painting tutorials, tactics, editorials, house rules, and guides.

Bob's Miniature Wargaming Blog

Keen wargamer from Edmonton, Alberta, shares photographs and game reports.

Brazos Evil Empire

Blog aims to entertain and inform those new to miniature wargaming.

Camp Cromwell

Posts from a group of friends who play wargames in Tasmania.


Contains civil war wargaming scenarios, reports, news and opinion.

Cold War Hot Hot Hot

A wargaming blog focused on the 1980's Cold War turned hot.

Confessions of a Wargamer

Blog about miniatures painting and wargaming.

Consim World

News from this publisher of conflict simulation games.

Craig's Wargaming Blog

A New Zealander blogs about his wargaming interests.

Dale's Wargames

Wargaming with a particular focus on 15mm miniatures for the American War of Independence.

Drunken Samurai Painting Blog

Devoted to documenting this blogger's miniature painting hobby as well as discussions of wargaming.

Fatgoblin's Ranting

Photos and news dealing with miniature gaming.

French Revolutionary Wargames Blog 1793-1802

Photographs and wargaming reports from this period of the French Revolution.

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Covers tabletop and video gaming, adventures on the silver screen, and computer and console gaming.

Jim Dunan Wargamer

Sharing Jim's passion for wargames, research and history.

Lead Gardens

A chronicle of wargaming in two fictitious countries.

Little Wars

Information and tips on figures used in miniature gaming.

Lone Star Historical Miniatures

Miniature gaming news and information.

Meeples and Miniatures

Blogging about miniature wargaming, painting techniques and styles and strategy boardgaming.

Megablitz and More

Wargames blogger with a main interest in WWII, with a side helping of post war conflicts.


Table top gaming news and figure photos.

Patrick's Hobby Shed

Blog dedicated to miniature wargaming.

PB Eye Candy

Phil shares his love of 20th century war games.

Planet Wargaming

Ramblings about games with toy soldiers.

Rebel Minis

Posting about 15mm miniatures and accessories.


Gaming with miniature figures from 6 to 28mm; includes posts on history, wargaming and figure painting.

Solo Wargaming Show Blog

Solo gaming ideas, rules, thoughts and aids for the solo tabletop gamer.

Spencer's Workbench Miniatures

Offers insights into this miniatures designer's projects.

The Stronghold Rebuilt

A blog about Hordes Of The Things, a fast-play fantasy miniatures games.

Tactical Miniatures Gaming

Offering coverage of all kinds of miniature gaming.

Tales from the Maelstrom

An old school sci-fi and fantasy wargaming blog.

Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog

Canadian wargaming enthusiast posts reports and pictures of games he has played, plus updates on his current modelling and painting projects.

Tiny Tin Men

Information and commentary on table top gaming.

Totengraeber's Workplace

Tracking this blogger's gaming and miniatures painting.

Toy Soldiers Forever

Features photos, reviews, discussions and play with 54mm toy soldiers of the American Civil War.

Village Games' Blog: The Chancellor's Rant

Blogging about gaming in general, and tabletop games involving miniatures in particular.

Vintage Wargaming

Focusing on old figures, old rules, old scenery, old articles, old reviews, and old wargamers.

Vulture's Wargaming Blog

UK based gamer shares his passion for wargaming.

The Waaagh Cast!

A fan Blog about the Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures Game. Covers tips, news, and tactics.

War and Game

Offering musings and articles on history, aviation, military and wargaming.

The War Store News

News and happenings from the wargame store.

Wargames News and Terrain

Featuring reviews of and commentary on the top miniatures manufacturers.

Wargaming for Grown-Ups

Thoughts on including wargaming in real life.

Wargaming Miscellany

Presenting random thoughts on wargaming.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming

A Warhammer fansite for all the lastest news and views on Games Workshop products and the Warhammer World.

Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures Gallery

Warhammer fantasy minuatures painted, modeled and converted by Battle Reporter Forum members.

Warhammer Online News

Offers news, videos, articles about patches and updates, and information related to the game.

Watching Paint Dry

Offers hobbies and projects related to Warhammer.

WoW Alliance Leveling

Offers leveling information, guides, and tips,.

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