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The 20' By 20' Room

Discussion of various role playing games.

9 Portals

Tom's journal of role-playing games and crafts.

A Character for Every Game

A roleplaying game blog written by Dyson, a gamer.

A Pack of Gnolls

Blog focused on D&D and other RPG's.

A Paladin In Citadel

Aaron Steele writes about role playing games.

Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets

Spells, monsters and more from a traditional gaming enthusiast.

B/X Blackrazor

RPG blog focusing on old school gaming, especially AD&D and B/X Dungeons.

Basic Roleplaying Central

Community website for Chaosium's d100 role playing game system and related RPGs. Offers reviews, downloads, and links.

Bat in the Attic

Old school roleplayer shares his insights into the genre and the games he has created, including step by step advice for creating traveller and fantasy sandboxes.

BigLee's Miniature Adventures

This blog is dedicated to my passion for miniatures painting, wargaming, roleplaying, and gaming in general.

Blood of Prokopius

Offers musings on religion and role playing games.

Campaign Mastery

Expert advice on creating and running exceptional campaigns. gamewritermike

Carjacked Seraphim

Posts about tabletop role playing games.

Coffee Swillin' Analog Gamer

Blog covering tabletop role playing games.

Curmudgeons and Dragons

Steve Zieser offers art for old school gaming.

The Die is Mighty

Blogger shares his interest of his favorite hobbies, video games, D&D, table top miniatures, and TCGs.

Dreams of Mythic Fantasy

Dedicated to, and promotes old school renaissance RPG games. Includes OSR resources.

Dwarf and the Basilisk

Matthew blogs about role-playing games, novels, comics, and board games.

Esoteric Murmurs

Collaborative blog discussing role playing games.

Fair Game

Discussion and commentary about role playing games.

Fear the Boot

Regular RPG podcast with a touch of humor. feartheboot

Flaming Monkey

Role playing game related insights and commentary.

Game in the Brain

Blog focuses on ways to learn real world skills through role-playing games.

Greyhawk Grognard

Posts about old school roleplaying gaming and the gaming industry.


Veteran roleplayer collects his memories of RPG and discusses the history and traditions of the genre.


Christopher O'Dell, a young gamer learning the old ways of RPGs.

Happy Jacks

Pursuing the RPG hobby with reckless abandon.

Imagined Spaces

Discusses roleplaying game design.

In Like Flynn

A family guy blogs about gaming, science fiction, and life.

Jeffs Gameblog

Role playing game blog. Also covers other games.

John's RPG Journal

Rants and opinions on role playing games.

Journal of the Eastern Valnwall Travelers’ Society

Discusses projects the ongoing series of projects that Faster Monkey Games is working on.

Lands of Ara

An old school RPGing blog featuring the Lands of Ara fantasy RPG campaign setting.

Lands of Ara

An old-school roleplaying blog, including downloads.


Focuses on live action roleplay news and events in Ohio.

The Learning DM

Reflections on running a 4E Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Ludanta Reto

Commentary and ideas for effective game design.

Monsters and Manuals

Blog about the gaming industry and thoughts and ideas on role playing games.

Monsters and Manuals

Blogger posts on ideas for campaigns, missions and adventures, role playing games, and gaming industry matters.

Mythmere Games

Details about the Swords and Wizardry project and Knockspell Magazine.

Nine and Thirty Kingdoms

Posts contain role-playing game plans, maps, designs, and ideas.

Norwegian Style

Norwegian role playing games in English.

Official Linden Blog

Behind the scenes at Second Life.

Omnipotent Eye

Roleplaying game blog, including old school, and new school.

Places to Go, People to Be

Contains a list of RPG magazines and fanzines, past readings, and the author champions tabletop role-playing games as the most accessible form of public creativity and self-expression.

Post-Apocalyptic RPG Blog

News from the creators of PARPG, a grimly realistic isometric RPG that takes place in the nuclear winter induced frozen waste land of Scandinavia.

Quickly, Quietly, Carefully

Thoughts and ideas for old-school roleplaying games, written by Paul Gorman.

Raven Swallows the Sun

Ideas on game design from a role playing game designer.

Retro Roleplaying

Offering detailed discussion of old school style RPG.

Retro RPG Podcast

Experiencing and breathing life back into retro RPGs.

Reviews from R'lyeh

Offers reviews of role-playing games and their supplements. Emphasis is on Call of Cthulhu and other Lovecraftian inspired games.

Roleplaying Pro

Opinions and commentary about roleplaying, miniatures, and gaming.

Roll For Initiative

1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons podcasts and resources.

RPG Blog

A guide to role-playing games. Covers news, commentary, previews and reviews, and hints and tips.

RPG Blog

Provides game information and product reviews.

RPG Blog Alliance

Gives a collection of roleplaying game blogs.

RPG Bloggers

Presents posts on tabletop role playing games. Includes news, reviews, podcasts, advice, and game design information.

Sandbox of Doom

Posts about games, role-playing, and related topics.

Save Vs. Poison

Blog about tabletop gaming.

Shadow of Greatness

Documenting and discussing the works of Roger Zelazny.

Sham's Grog'n Blog

Gamer offers ramblings about the original D&D.

The Silver Key

Blogger posts about role-playing games, books, music, and movies.

Sly Flourish

Devoted to building a better Dungeon's Master. slyflourish

Tenkar's Tavern

Offers RPG blog, reviews, and game descriptions.

This Is My Blog

Opinion and commentary from role playing game designer Ben Lehman.

Trackmania RGP Blog

Offering news, guides, screenshots and GPS videos for RPG tracks.

Troll Lord Games

Official blog of the role playing game publisher. Includes news and videos.

Trollish Delver

Covers news, guides, and reviews of tabletop roleplaying as well as board games, solitaire gamebooks, and other 'low-tech flights of fantasy'.

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

Commentary on RGP playing in South Korea.

Worlds in a Handful of Dice

Blog about roleplaying games. Includes links to Finnish game blogs.

Yudhishthira's Dice

Brand Robins talks about game design and theory.

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