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Fantasy Roleplaying Game Blogs

Akratic Wizardry

Blogger writes about old school fantasy role playing games.

Back to the Dungeon

Dedicated to modern RPGs and to the old school renaissance of role playing games.

Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Gives updated releases and news, samples, tools, and downloads from the Basic Fantasy Project.

ChicagoWiz's RPG Blog

Blogging about the joy of the original editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Chirine's Workbench

Covers gaming in the world of Tekumel.

Descent into Depths

Old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

Dice are a Lie

Labyrinth Lord RPG gamer writes about his own LL campaign; The Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle.

Dungeons'N Dragons

Includes tips for players, adventure ideas, cults, etiquette, and fantasy locations.

Havards Blackmoor Blog

Blog written by a fan of Blackmoor, Mystara and other classic D&D settings.

Lord Kilgore

Written by a gamer of 1st Edition AD&D.

Newbie DM

Home of tutorials, advice and downloads for newbie Dungeon Masters. Also features an award winning RPG for kids.

Oubliette Magazine

Features news, updates and opinion from this magazine for old school fantasy role players.

Roleplaying Tips

Blogging about tips, tools and techniques for game masters.

Roles, Rules and Rolls

Appreciating the thrill of original d20 adventure gaming.

Tower of the Archmage

Blogger writes about roleplaying games as well as other games.

Trollgod's Trollhalla - The Outer Sanctum

Official Tunnels and Trolls gaming blog with articles and fiction from game designer Ken St. Andre.

Under Siege

A role playing game developer writes about gaming, and Castles and Crusades.

Vargold: The Wolf-Time

Covers fantasy gaming and fiction.

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