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Retro Video Games Blogs

2011 Year of Retro Gaming Project

Carries on from this blogger's 2011 focus on retro video games.

Game Sniped

Highlights rare and obscure video games on auction sites.

Gaming History 101

Delving into the murky past of gaming.

Old School Game Blog

Exploring the richness of gaming's history.

Recycled Thoughts from a Retro Gamer

Blogger who has been gaming since the days of Pong shares his thoughts.

Retro Game On

Presenting retro games reviews and news.

Retro Gaming Life

Passionate about retro and old school games. famicomfreak

Retro Garden

Features reviews and news of retro console and PC gaming, for those who remember the days when joysticks only had one button.

Retro Treasures

Tracking down retro games and gear for the retro gamer.


Rounding up the best in retro gaming, from old gaming magazines to games we used to love on the ZX Spectrum, C64, and Amiga.


Featuring reviews and retro perspectives from 1Up.

Text Adventures

Blogging by the makers of the Quest text adventure game engine, which allows users to create old school style adventure games for the PC.

Vintage Computing and Gaming

Retrogaming hub, featuring discussion topics, vintage scans, and help finding games you loved but have forgotten.

ZX Spectrum Games

Offering ZX Spectrum games reviews and commentary.

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