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Game Industry Blogs


Offers commentary on current games and news from an industry insider.

Acid for Blood

Personal commentary on various video games and other topics of interest.

Addicting Entertainment

Providing comments and opinions on video gaming entrepreneurship, game design, and development.

Bruce on Games

Gives a veteran's view on marketing in the video game industry.

Casual Game Blogs

Independent game development news, blogs, and insights from game authors.

Double Fine Action News

News blog from the video game development studio Double Fine.

Dubious Quality

Bill Harris' insightful discussions and updates on the video gaming industry.


Featuring commentary on the video games industry, plus job news and features.


Presenting the art and business aspects of games development.

Game Matters

Offers an insider's view of the video game industry.

Game Politics

Discussion of the intersection of games and politics.

Game Set Watch

Updates and news information presenting the latest in the games and gaming platform industry.

Game Tycoon

CEO of Spry Fox shares his insights into making a success of yourself in the gaming industry.

Exploring the economic and commercial aspects of video gaming. Presents interviews, insights from developers, and some statistics.


GamerBolt covers PC, PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo, VR, Retro and Tech including news, articles, reviews, features, guides and more. gamerbolt

Games Industry Blog

Featuring data and insights into the gaming industry.

Games Info

Offering game reviews and industry news.

Games Montreal

Montreal video game industry news and information.

Grumpy Gamer

Ron Gilbert's thoughts on the video game industry.

Idle Thumbs

News, reviews, previews, interviews, editorials, and feature articles on video gaming.

Independent Games Festival

Providing news and updates from this annual festival, which showcases the best in independent games talent.

Online resource for videogame researchers.

Make It Big In Games

Jeff Tunnell's insights and success stories in the gaming business.

My Gamification

Offering news from the gamification industry. bigdoor

Press The Buttons

One man's opinions and commentaries on happenings in the video game industry.

R18+ Games Australia

Covers the Australian campaign to introduce an R18+ rating for video games in the same way all other media is classified.

Serious Games Market

Featuring highlights, analysis and news from the serious games market, for those developing educational, behavior modifying or inspirational games.

Sexy Videogame Land

Leigh Alexander, news director at Gamasutra, shares her views on gaming culture and why gamers can still be cool.

Wired - Game Life

Source of video gaming news, reviews and industry gossip.

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