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AA Blog

Global Alcoholics Anonymous community. Covers alcoholism, addiction recovery, and the progression of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Addiction Blog

Blog devoted to stimulating intelligent communication concerning trends and discoveries in the treatment of various addiction.

Addiction Inbox

Articles and health studies about addiction and alcoholism, including the most recent scientific and medical findings.

Addiction Management

Dr. John Fitzgerald posts about issues related to addiction.

Addiction Recovery

Question and answer format blog on overcoming addictions.

Addiction Recovery Basics

Addictions counsellor Bill Urell offers easily digested advice and suggestions for those recovering from addictions.

Addiction Recovery Blog

Blog offering information, advice, and insights on recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Also presents an addiction treatment directory.


Blog that discusses addiction to drugs and alcohol, as well as other addictions.


Offering information, opinions and news stories about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opiate addiction in Maine and elsewhere.

Being Sober

Blog written by Mary, a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Includes the Twelve Traditions and details about AA.


Offers alcoholism, addiction, and recovery resources.

How's My Son?

Frank insights from a mother whose son has an opiate addiction.

Just For Today - Leveraging The Tools of Al-Anon

Designed to help the spouses, friends, parents and relatives of alcoholics and addicts. Providing examples that the author has lived with as a spouse of an alcoholic.

Opiate Addiction

Features discussion of opiate addiciton issues.

Quit Smoking Pro

Blog furnishes articles and information about the effects of smoking, and ways to stop smoking cigarettes.

The Rehab Journal

Addiction recovery and rehabilitation blog. Includes posts on drug addiction, alcoholism, cocaine addiction, codependency, diagnosis, and treatment.

Offers a place were addicts and alcoholics can find guidance, assistance, and encouragement as well as information on available alcohol treatment programs.

Sobriety Girl

An author comes to terms with her sobriety.

Suboxone Talk Zone

A recovering psychiatrist talks about Suboxone, treatment for opiate dependence and chronic pain.

Treatment Solutions Blog

Information and stories regarding addiction and recovery with a special focus on treatment professionals, employee assistance and labor/member assistance programs. treatment

Twelve &

Explores the Twelve Steps and other healing activities.

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