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A Vet's Guide to Life

Vet shares insight into what it's really like to do his job, and comments on matters of interest.


Veterinarians dedicated to providing a platform for education, discussion, and debate on controversial topics including over-vaccination, spay and neuter health risks, and nutrition.!/pages/Angry-Vet/260591717387619

Animal Endocrine Clinic

The only veterinary hospital in the world devoted exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of dogs and cats with endocrine (hormonal) problems.

Animal Pharm News

Staying on top of animal pharmaceutical related news. animalpharm

Animal Talk Naturally

Blog and radio show focusing on animal health, animal spirit and the human-animal bond.

Brent Atwater - Holistic Pet Health Advice

Specialist in animal energy medicine with her work documented and published at the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Can't Spell, DVM

This blogger practices veterinary medicine in Small Town, USA and tries to maintain the same level of (in)sanity that he left vet school with.

Cat Man Do

Following the experiences of a feline vet in Manhattan.

The Critical Veterinarian

Working at a referral animal hospital, treating emergency and critical care patients as they arrive.

Dr. Nelson's Veterinary Blog

Features regular "Ask the Vet" posts as well as news on this vet's own pets.

Embrace Pet Insurance Blog

Offering information about insurance for pets.

Equine Vet Blog

Gives insight into the life of an equine vet in Michigan.

Florian's Pets

Provides posts on pet nutrition information, health, and pet pictures.

The Hamster Wheel Veterinary Business Blog

Offering advice to vets on working on their business rather than in it.

Happy Pet Stop

Offers health and safety information to pet owners.

The Homeless Parrot

Long-running blog tracing the author's time at vet school right up to her current position as an emergency vet in North Carolina.

The Horse Doctor

Equine veterinary surgeon posts about horse health and other equine matters.

Insights into Veterinary Endocrinology

Featuring insights from Dr Mark Peterson. animalendocrine

Journey of an ER Veterinarian

Emergency veterinarian shares stories from the front line.

Leo's Pet Care

Indianapolis-based veterinary clinic providing resources and advice for pet owners as well as fellow vets. IndianapolisVet

Natural Dog Health Remedies

Featuring news and anecdotes from this site which specializes in holistic dog care.

Pet Care Daily

Provides information relating to pet health, pet care, and pet medications.

Pet Doctor

Offers insights into the daily life of a small animal veterinarian in northeast Georgia.

Pete the Vet

A small animal vet shares his experiences with the world.

Pets Adviser

Offers advice for pet owners, aiming to both educate and entertain. petsadviser

Pooch To 5K

Personal training for overweight dogs, aiming to achieve 5km runs. Offers a gallery, written by a qualified Vet.


A vet practicing small animal medicine and surgery shares his thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

Tails from a Cat Vet

Vet with a special interest in cats posts about life and work.

News and resources about horses and specifically about equine health.

Vet Mommy

Features posts about juggling family life and the author's work as a small animal vet in Texas.

Vet Tech

Addressing veterinary practice, pet health issues and advice for pet owners.

VetDepot Online Blog

Offers tips, recommendations, discounts, reviews, and information on pet medications and supplies.

Veterinarians Behaving Badly

A veterinarian shares his frustrations over the way his profession is viewed by the American public.

Veterinary Dentistry Today

Sharing images, news and best practice of interest to veterinary dentists.

Veterinary Practice News

Providing the latest veterinary industry news. vetpetnews

Veterinary Radiology

Teaching and learning about veterinary diagnostic imaging.

Veterinary Secrets

Posts from Dr Andrew Jones, who owns a small animal hospital in Nelson, BC, Canada.

What Comes Next

Follows the career of this young vet as she moves, gets married, has a baby and continues to practice.

Worms and Germs

Ontario Veterinary College's Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses offers advice on safe pet ownership and zoonotic disease topics.

Your Pet's Best Friend

Small town veterinarian blogs about work and daily life.

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