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2nd Wind Blog

News and events related to 2nd wind exercise equipment.

A Trail Runner's Blog

Scott Dunlap's blog of trail running, ultrarunning, and triathlon racing. Includes interviews, research, and new product ideas.

The Active in Style Blog

Lifestyle blog full news about healthy lifestyles, health food, fitness tips and great activewear.

The Active Indian

Provides tips and product reviews in health and fitness area.

All That and Dim Sum

Keen runners present a food and fitness journal.

Apple Crumbles

Certified running coach blogs about exercise, health, diet and fitness.

Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness

Provides ideas on how busy Moms can lose baby weight and stay fit.


Provides articles and videos created from fitness professionals and nutrition experts. builtlean

The Cardio Blog

Featuring news, advice and articles related to obesity, fitness and nutrition as well as other topics that effect heart health.

Dangerously Fit

Provides fat loss strategies, outdoor workouts, boot camp training workouts, fitness and nutrition advice.

Discover Walking

Describing the health benefits and joys of walking.

Everyday Fitness

Dr. Pamela Peeke offers tips for achieving mental, nutritional, and physical transformation for life.

Fit and Female

Blog supplies articles and discussion about weight loss, fitness and staying in shape.

Fit Gizmos

Posts reviews of fitness and health gadgets.

Fit Mom's Blog

Offering fitness tips specifically for Moms.

The Fitness Industry Association

Association blog presents the inner workings of the FIA with team contributions offering department news.

Fitness Tips for Life

Posts ideas and articles on everyday fitness and healthy eating.

Fitness Weight Loss Center

Provides information about nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and health to help users achieve goals.


Features a guide to health and fitness with regular updates from industry experts.


Blog on health, fitness and well-being. Features posts on weight loss, yoga, celebrity fitness, running, and other topics of interest.

Flavilicious Fitness & Nutrition

Provides nutrition, exercide, and fitness advice for women from a Registered Nurse, CPT, and PN certified fitness expert.


Posts about strength training and diet for men and women over 40.

The Great Fitness Experiment

Sharing one woman's quest to try every fitness fad going.

The Great Fitness Experiment

Follows blogger Charlotte's efforts to try out new fitness ideas and nutrition regimes, and to report on what works and what doesn't.


Provides information about health, fitness, and happiness that comes with a healthy lifestyle. greatist

Gym Essentials

Health and Fitness news and articles along with supplement reviews.

Health Fitness Blog

Commentary on fitness, weight loss, and living a healthy life.

Hella Sound Running Music

Offers training and fitness information and interviews with runners, trainers, athletes and musicians.

Hitgirl's Blog

Fitness coach and creator of Hit to Fit blogs about fitness in a busy lifestyle.

Hyper Wear

Showing you the best way to improve strength, agility, and overall fitness with state of the art sports equipment.


Provides daily coverage of nutrition and fitness trends for a healthy lifestyle.

John Phung

Provides information about strength training, motivation, and reviews of exercise equipment. johnphung

Lift Magazine

Blogging for adventurous fitness enthusiasts who make fitness a way of life.

Male Pattern Fitness

Noted fitness journalist and author Lou Schuler pontificates obesity, fitness, and cardio-vascular training.

Michael Wood, CSCS

Aims to educate people on the importance of exercise in their lives.

Offers posts on health and fitness enthusiast. MikeGregorrio

Mommy Workouts

Provides moms with an easy way to stay in shape while raising children. Also offers healthy eating advice and fitness reviews. MommyWorkouts

My Flex Belt Review

Provides in-depth reviews for the electronic muscle stimulation device, the flex belt. Includes exercise and diet tips.

My Spare Tyre

Records the progress and experiences of a man who is on a fitness and weight loss program. Also discusses related health and diet issues.

Naturally Intense High Intensity Training

Articles on diet, weight loss, fitness, bodybuilding and high intensity training.

Nerd Fitness

Offering fitness advice for nerds.

Net Sweat

Fitness blog offering advice, motivation, and news.

New Health and Fitness

News and information regarding fitness and personal well being.

Oak Tree PT

Offering comments on physical therapy, health and fitness.

On Steroids Lab

Investigative steroids blog, which will allow readers to know fitness model and celebrities, if they are on steroids or natural.

Optimum Fitness

Fitness site dedicated to unbiased advice on equipment, motivation tips and reviews written by a fitness instructor.

Orange County Personal Trainers

Articles, videos, tips and tricks to help people get in shape, lose weight and live a healthier life

Palko Power Posts

Fitness and success blog by Vince Palko. feed://

Personal Euphoria

Pilates instructor aims to offer daily motivational tips for people trying to get fit.

Princeton Adventure Bootcamp

Fitness blog offering tips on losing body fat and weight along with gaining strength and self confidence.

Project Phatko

Fat loss, health, muscle building and conditioning information. Product reviews, bodybuilding tips and real-life case studies.

Really Useful Fitness Blog

Guide to useful, interesting, and up-to-date fitness information from around the web.

Renee Gets Fit

Weblog covering the progress of a woman trying to get in shape.

Schnell Muskeln Aufbauen

Comprehensive information and tips about building muscles, nutrition, and fitness in general.


Provides exercise, diet and fitness insights, inspiration and advice, hoping to "encourage fellow geeks towards well-being."

Sierra Blogging Post

The active lifestyle blog of Sierra Trading Post featuring outdoor news, health and fitness tips, and eco-friendly lifestyle advice.

General website about self development, motivation, and creation.


Health, fitness and active lifestyle tips for people over the age of 40.

Starling Fitness

Posting and information on health, fitness, and diet.

Triathlete, Goddess

Diary of a triatholon participant who struggles with her weight.

Ultimate Fitness Gear

Features beachbody workouts, fitness guides, and healthy living tips.

Vibration Training

News, guidelines, and tips about whole body vibration for fitness and therapy.


Personal journal with articles and information on walking for health and fitness.

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