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Alternative Medicine Yoga

Body Mind Life Yoga

Australian yoga studio's blog. Includes posts on practicing, food, postures and goals.

Curvy Yoga

Yoga for your body, and especially if your body is curvy.

Dahn Yoga Member's Blogs

Features articles on brain and body function, exercise, meditation, health, consciousness, and breathing.

Daily Cup of Yoga

Tools, tips, and wisdom on yoga, books, and technology.

Daily Downward Dog

Using yoga to relive back pain, yoga poses, and yoga product reviews.


Gives information on everything anyone would want to know on yoga, eco-living, and hippies.

Everything Yoga

Yoga musings from a yoga therapist and teacher.

Flying Yogini

Mom and yogadork blogs about adventures in flying on the mat.

Ground Thru the Sit Bones

Offers some yoga thoughts, and some yoga practices.

Kundalini Yoga & Chakras Balancing

Provides educational resources about chakra energy systems, specifically through the ancient means of Kundalini Yoga. Energetic healing techniques, such as Reiki are also covered.

Lululemon Athletica

Features posts about loving yoga and loving life.


Go to source for all things yoga. Find articles, videos, and interviews. //http//

My Yoga Blog

Presents the thoughts, stories, and insights of a yoga practitioner.

My Yoga Online Blog

Includes information for beginners as well as blog posts on Pilates and meditation.

The Pondering Yogini

Mind, body, and spirit all focused on yoga and its building blocks.

Posting From The Path

Yoga teacher inspired by yoga for all things in life.


Yoga practitioner slip sliding into Samadhi.

Spoiled Yogi

Source for yoga fashion, yoga tips, yoga humor, well just about everything yoga.

Well + Good NYC

New York City guide for yoga, wellness culture, experts, and recipes.

Y is for Yogini

Smart-aleck with a heart of golden lotus petals and very into yoga.

Yoga Blog by AbellaYoga

Yoga discussion from the official blog of

Yoga Dork

A New York yogi shares her thoughts on yoga, its practice and instruction, with plenty of humor along the way.

Yoga for Cynics

A little bit of yoga, cynicism, writing, politics, coffee, and life in general or maybe not.

Yoga In My School

Focus, balance, flexibility, and strength with the practice of yoga.

Yoga Powers

Gives the health benefits of yoga along with some specific exercises and postures.


Custom online yoga classes for when life is too busy to get to class, or classes are canceled.

Yogi Interrupted

Digressions, delays, and detours on the path to enlightenment.

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