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Psychiatry Blogs

The Amazing World of Psychiatry

Features frequent posts on biological, psychological and social psychiatry.

The Carlat Psychiatry Blog

A psychiatrist in private practice focuses on psychiatric topics.

Critical Psychiatry

Offering critical debate and commentary on topics relevant to psychiatry.

Evolutionary Psychiatry

Searching for evolutionary solutions to the general and mental health problems of the 21st century.

Frontier Psychiatrist

Critique of psychiatric practice, as well as the psychologization of society, written by a London based psychiatry trainee.

The Last Psychiatrist

Features information about psychiatry, big pharma, semiotics and politics.

Psychiatric Information

Provides news, commentary and information on the practices of psychiatry including drug side effects, electric shock treatment and involuntary commitment.

Real Psychiatry

The reality of psychiatry rather than the public perception of it.

Shrink Rap

Venue for psychiatrists to share information about their field.

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