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Mental Health Blogs

A Good Grief (Inactive)

Provides articles on living with grief after the loss of someone close.

The Anger Coach Blog

Provides practical updated anger tips, resources, and personal observations on anger and happiness.

Art Therapy

Explores creativity and expressive arts as a catalyst for healing and therapy. arttherapy

Beyond Meds

Focuses on finding alternatives to medication for mental health issues.

Brain Rap

Provides a place for people to discuss and learn about the brain.

British Psychological Society's Research Digest blog

Provides original, authoritative reports on the latest mental health research papers. @ResearchDigest


Sharing input on mental health, electroconvulsive therapy, antidepressants, and wellness.

Everyone Needs Therapy

Musings on a wide variety of mental health disorders. Psychology Briefs

Offers brief summaries and analysis of the latest news related to mental health and mental illness, as well as brief abstracts of the latest research in anxiety, depression, ADHD, learning disabilities, and more.

Health Care Fine Art

Discusses current issues about the use of art in healthcare.

Healthy Place

Features a wide variety of mental health blogs.

HealthyMind Blog

Blog on mental health and well being including posts on healing, optimal living, relationships, self esteem, trauma, and humor.

Mental Health Cop

Blogging at the intersection of law enforcement and mental health issues.

NIMH: Director's Blog

Presents news and updates concerning the National Institute of Mental Health.

Open Access, Peer Reviewed Journals

Biomed Central is Neuroscience, Neurology and Psychiatry Gateway

Pathway to Happiness

Counsels using self awareness techniques to attain greater happiness.

Planet Grief

Chronicles this blogger's journey through grief after the death of her husband.

Positive Health Therapy blog

Blog dedicated to positive psychology and existential psychotherapy. @Positive2Blog

Psychlinks Mental Health Blog

Occasional commentary on psychology, psychiatry, mental health, and life by an Ottawa psychologist.

Psychology and Parenting Blog

Clinical psychologist's recommendations for mental health patients and their parents. DrShenfield‎

Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life

Looking at life through the prism of psychology, philosophy, mental health and more. Written by counsellor and psychotherapist Dr Greg Mulhauser.

Sanctuary for the Abused

Focuses on recovery from emotional and psychological abuse.

The Self Esteem Blog

Irene Conlan blogs about self esteem, and how to improve it.

Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work

Mental health information for specialists and general public. @ShrinkRapRoy

Success Elixir

Provides articles on success, self-improvement, and health in general. Blog

Offers posts on mental health, psychology and psychiatry articles and research reviews updated daily. therapists_com

Truth Seekers Blog on Mental Health, Mindfulness and Wellness

Mental health, wellness, mindfulness and psychotherapy blog posts from the psychotherapists at Manhattan Mental Health Counseling.

We Are Only Human

Blog of Association for Psychological Science - maintained by journalist Wray Herbert. @PsychScience

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