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Personal Growth and Development

A Work in Progress

Colleen Kelly's personal growth and development blog.

Balance in Me

Offering practical strategies for those who want to live a more balanced life.

Calvin Gaka: Life Hacks

Blog posts tailored to inspire, distract (long running negative self talk) and dispute that the site visitor can do more, have more and be more than they have in the past or are currently experiencing.

Daily Good

Features daily good news stories with motivational and inspirational personal development tips.

The Daily Love

Offering daily doses of inspiration, advice and wisdom. thedailylove

The Dream Catcher

Reservoir of wisdom brimming with practical advice, strategies and tools to ensure your success. Provides guidance on how to become a better person, respect other cultures and do your part in making the world a better place.

Dumb Little Man

Sharing regular tips to increase personal productivity, happiness and wealth.

Emotional Times

Articles and information on emotions and emotional healing as well as poignant comments on life.

Expert Enough

How to be good at absolutely anything.

Goodlife Zen

A zen master and psychotherapist shares tips for a simple, happy life.

The Happy Seeker

Features ideas and tips for happy personal development, particularly for older people. ahappyseeker

LE Grads: Australia and New Zealand

Landmark Forum Graduates share projects that they have created through various Landmark Education courses such as the Self Expression and Leadership Program and the Team Management and Leadership Program.

Life. Lead. Yoga.

This blog discusses leadership challenges, personal challenges and how yoga and mindfulness can help readers improve all areas of life.

Live Bold and Bloom

Challenges readers to live fearlessly and outside their comfort zones.

Mag For Living

Features articles about personal development, positive thinking, self improvement to live a better life. magforliving

Marc and Angel Hack Life

Offering practical tips for productive living.

Middle Ground: Where Sages Dwell

Jules Hovee Steffen, licensed mental health counselor posts personal thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

Misifusa's Blog - The Presents of Presence

A breast cancer survivor, Misifusa writes on inspirational topics, giving advice about life and living. Misifusa1

Moore Inspirations

Kathy Moore explains how to reprogram the subconscious to enjoy life.

Motivating Daily

Features daily motivational tips.

Motivational Memo

Peter G James Sinclair dishes up short, usable tips and information to help people get and stay motivated.

Personal Excellence

Offers extensive coverage of a wide range of self improvement and personal growth topics.

Pick the

Dedicated to using intelligence for positive change, focusing on personal productivity, motivation, and happiness.

Positive Regrowth

Blog with articles to inspire people by sharing knowledge of self development and growth through finance, relationships and health.

Positively Positive

Focusing on the positive things in life, in a bid to assist those needing motivation or encouragement. pospositive

The Positivity Blog

Happiness tips geared towards real life situations.

Possibility of Change

Practical actions and inspiration to help you change your life. _thechangeblog

PRSUIT - Perspective That Inspires

Provides daily publications that share perspectives regarding finances, businesses, and motivation.


Encouraging the risk taking process as a way of living a more fulfilled life.

Self Help Daily

Offering self help articles, motivational quotes and personal development book reviews.

The Start of Happiness

Providing tools to help you change the world, one smile at a time. start_happiness

Stepcase Life Hack

Features regular posts on positivity, productivity and ways to make life better at home and in business.

Think Simple Now

Posts self-reflective stories from real people about the simple ways they've found happiness.

Tools for Intentional Living - Dr. J. Nickens

Information, ideas, poetry and prose for self-improvement.

Watch Me Bounce

Devoted to recognizing and validating people’s stories about coping with and overcoming stress and adversity.

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