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Health Nutrition

A Nu Healthy You

Wellness coach and registered dietitian helps with tailored nutrition and wellness programs.

Around the Plate

Blogs from an online community of nutritionists.

Athlete Fuel

Nutritional information and tips for better athletic performance.

Beyond Prenatals

Nutrition advice during pre-conception, pregnancy and early childhood from a Registered Dietitian and Certified Lactation Counselor.

Cancer Dietitian

How to prevent cancer through better nutrition, tips for cancer fighting dishes, survivor-ship, and overall general health.

Carrots and a Cupcake

Why? Because you can still have both and live a healthy lifestyle offers Susan, a registered dietitian.

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

Dietitian who believes promotes that you are what you eat, and that food is the key to the best health possible.

Do Not Eat This

Rages against chemicals and additives in food.

Dr Weil's Daily Blog

Offers natural health information to those on the path to optimal health, according to the principles of integrative medicine.

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy

Blog, radio show, and podcasts that work on making fitness fun and easy to incorporate into any lifestyle.

Eat Like Me

Describes what a nutritionist really eats, and how to become healthier.

Eat This!

Offers healthy eating tips, nutrition, health benefits of foods, recipes, and more. eatthisblog

Empowered Sustenance

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Lauren blogs about empowering others on their journey of holistic wellness. EmpoweredFood

Energise for Life

Natural health and wellness blog offering tips, articles, recipes, resources and comments on the world of health, detox, nutrition and energy renewal.

Fat Nutritionist

Expert Canadian dietician, who happens to be overweight, blogs passionately about healthy but normal eating.

Food and Health Skeptic

Working to debunk the junk science surrounding health and food in general.


Educational nutrition blog which aims to help people make healthier choices in the food they buy.

From A Dietitian's Perspective

Looking at health and nutrition from a dietitians point of view.

G S 4 Beauty

Provides recipes and articles on reasons behind drinking smoothies as well as a 30 day challenge. smoothy4beauty

Genuine Aid Natural Healthy Blog

Carries natural, organic, and healthy food reviews.

Grass Fed Girl

Blogging about holistic nutrition and optimal fitness.

Green and Berries

Dietitian's journal celebrating healthy eating, nourishing the body and mind, and balcony gardening.

Hartke Is Online

Publicist for the Weston A Price Foundation, an education non-profit promoting sustainable agriculture and traditional foods, blogs about recipes, farms, wellness, food safety, dietary guidelines and controversy.

Health Supreme

Discusses health based on nutrition rather than chemical intervention. Healthy Food Reviews

Provides reviews of healthy diet food products that are fat-free, low carb, reduced sugar, reduced calorie, and others that are marketed to people trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Integrative Nutrition Blog

Offers nutrition news, healthy recipes and tips from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Juice Plus+

Information and news on Juice Plus+ nutritional supplement and health issues.

Just the Right Byte

Pediatric nutritionist Jill Castle offers advice on healthy eating for children. pedird

Limes and Lycopene

Nutritionist and herbalist, Kathryn Elliott writes about all things food and health related.

The Mediterranean Book

Features a resource center to help those who want to know how to follow the Mediterranean diet principles and live healthy.

The Mediterranean Diet

Covers a broad range of topics on nutrition, weight issues, longevity, fitness, disease prevention and allegies.

Modern Paleo

Christian Wernstedt's blog on the modern Paleo diet.

Nashville Nutrition Expert

Registered dietitian Sarah-Jane Bedwell shares her inside look at food and feeling young.

Nurturing Notes

Christian mom and registered dietitian exchanges notes about nutrition and diet.

Nutrient Rich

News and support on proper nutrition.

Nutrition Alert

Blog offering information on food choices and health.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Healthy eating and nutrition advice from two Mayo Clinic nutritionists.

Nutrition Facts

Health blog presented by the Jesse and Julia Rasch Foundation in partnership with Michael Greger MD.

Nutrition Thoughts

Features up-to-date basic scientific information on nutrition.

Features posts about nutrition-related research presented in easy-to-comprehend video segments.

Paleo Blog

Blog offering advice and information on following the Paleo diet including breakfast ideas and feeding children.

The Paleo Diet Blog

Find information on Paleo diet recipes, meal planning, articles and media.

Paleo Plan

Paleo diet information including recipes, advice and book details.

Peter D'Adamo

Blogs by Dr Peter D'Adamo including information on blood types and nutrition.


Registered dietitian and cookbook author Nicole from Michigan blogs about health and preventative medicine. preventionrd

Primal Nut

Paleo lifestyle blog including grocery lists, recipes and menu planning ideas.

Radiant on Raw

Raw food and lifestyle coach extols the benefits of a raw food diet.

Real Life Nutrition

A WebMD Expert Blog offering tips for healthy eating.

Rebecca Thinks

Dieting sucks. Rebecca a weight management expert weighs in on balanced and healthy living.


Takes an inside look at cooking, nutrition, healthy diets, and lifestyle trends. Health Blog

Nutrition supplements company blogs about health and wellness.

Terry Talks Nutrition

Nutrition and dietary advice from a top nutritionist and author. terrylemerond

The Travelling Nutritionist

Thoughts on food around the world from a blogger with a degree in nutrition. enjoynibbling

Vibrant Health World

Discusses nutrition, and other topics related to people's pursuit of health and wellness, physical and financial.

Vital Votes

Blog of Dr Joseph Mercola offering posts on nutrition and health issues.

Vitamin D3 Blog

Blog offering information on Vitamin D including on posts on disease, benefits, deficiency and sources.

Vitamin Stuff Blog

News and information about nutrition and health topics.

Wellness Mama

Wife and mother of four with a background in nutrition provides health solutions, recipes and ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle. TheWellnessMama

Wide World of Food

Discusses and offers advice on the HCG Diet Plan, which involves administering the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).

Workplace Nutrition

Topics related to workplace nutritional management incentives and systems.

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