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Fire Fighting Blogs

Average Jake Firefighter Blog

Two second generation firefighters share insight into their work, with video clips and advice for the general public.

Buildings on Fire

Covering fire service issues related to building construction, firefighting operations and command risk management for operational excellence and firefighter safety. buildingsonfire

Fire Critic

Features fire related news, humor, video clips, technology and sometimes controversial opinion.

Fire Geezer

Offering extensive fire service news, commentary and opinion, from two retired fire captains with a combined sixty years of experience.

Firefighter Basics

Offering posts of interest to fire service students.

Firefighter Close Calls

Contains details about news and close calls of fired departments in cities across the United States. Asks readers to submit close calls, and contains EMS close calls as well. Also authors the Secret List, an independent newsletter which has been written since 1998 and which is meant to bring forward issues which involve death and injury to first responders and firefighters.

Firefighter Net Cast

News, information and opinion, specifically geared towards firefighters.

Firehouse Zen

Offering commentary on change and leadership in today's fire service.

Into the Fire

Very personal recollections from a New Jersey firefighter.

Laguna Interagency Hot Shot Crew

Offering news from this crew of hot shots, temporary agency wildland firefighters.

Statter 911

Extensive coverage of fire related news, from Dave Statter, former television and radio reporter who was a firefighter, EMT, dispatcher and cardiac rescue technician in his youth.

Vent Enter Search

Focuses on aggressive truck company functions as being the backbone of all structural firefighting operations.

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