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Pregnancy and Birth Blogs

Baby + You: The Best Pregnancy Diet

Provides expectant and new moms with information needed to achieve healthy nutrition and wellness for themselves and their babies. @babyplusyou

Baby Chums

Baby and pregnancy news from the US and UK, including celebrity baby news.

Birth Without Fear

Sharing incredible stories of empowering births.

Giving Birth with Confidence

Aims to empower women to make safe, healthy and positive birth choices.

Gloria Lemay

News and views from childbirth activist Gloria Lemay.

The Hatch Blog

Discussions on preterm labor risks, foods for pregnant women, pregnancy nutrition and health and baby health.


Promoting hypnotherapy as an aid to childbirth.

International Cesarean Awareness Network

Informs about ICAN and discusses prevention of unnecessary cesareans, and offers support for cesarean recovery, and promotes Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

Mothering Touch

Blog offering advice and information for new and expectant parents.

Mothers Naturally

Focusing on natural pregnancy and childbirth.

My Journey

Chronicles the journey and experiences of a new obstetrics nurse.

My OB Said What?!

Sharing comments made by health professionals to women giving birth.

News Moms Need

March of Dimes blog offering information for moms and moms-to-be about planning, expecting, and parenting.

Pregnancy and You Blog

Mayo Clinic certified nurse-midwife, Mary M. Murry, R.N., C.N.M., writes; pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Blog

Online magazine about pregnancy, bringing up babies and parenting.

Pregnancy Blog - For All Your Pregnancy Things

Articles about diet during pregnancy causing sex of babies, pregnancy and safety around cats, and information about cerebral palsy treatments.

Pushed Birth

Offers information about US childbirth care. Focuses on why so many labors are begun by induction, why so many births end in cesarean section, and how modern maternity care is impacts women and their families.

Science and Sensibility

Lamaze International offers a research blog about pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Stand and Deliver

Speaks about unassisted birth, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Stories of Pregnancy and Birth Over 44y

Several women's experiences of becoming pregnant after the age of 40.

SureBaby Blog

Pregnancy, baby and parenting blog with emphasis on health and special features such as celebrity pregnancy.

The Trial of Labor

Thoughts on American birth culture.

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