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Adoption Doctors Medical Education Blog

Blog written by George Rogu M.D.

Adoption Help & Guidance

Information about adoption from Lifetime Adoption Center.

Adoption Stress Blog

Offers information about the adoption process and the stress, feeling, and reactions of those involved.

Birth Mother, First Mother

A place for birth mothers to share their thoughts, news, opinions, rants and raves.

Child Adoption Matters

Provides information about all aspects of adoption, from which options are available, adoption laws, and foster care facts.

China Adopt Talk

Gathering place, attracting people who have adopted internationally from China and other countries.

Chronicles of Mommyhood

Stories from an African American adoptive mother.

The Daily Bastardette

Comments on identity and adoptee rights and the adoption industry.

Digging to China

Musings of an adoptive mother of a child from China and another on the way.


A voice for ethical adoption. Covers adoption fraud, advocacy, and offers news and views, and resources.

Grown in My Heart

News, views and advice for adoptive parents and those thinking of adopting.

I Say C'est La Vie

Blog from a pregnant woman planning to put the child up for adoption.

Laura Christianson

Blog from a freelance writer specializing in adoption-related issues.

Letters to a Birth Mother

An adoptive mother writes openly and emotionally to the birth mother of her adopted son.

Matters of the Heart

Shares positive stories about open adoption.

Motherhood Deleted

Senior who lost a child to enforced adoption as a single, unmarried mother blogs about adoption activism issues.

NY Home Study Blog

Informs about domestic and international adoption home studies.

Our Journey to Mia Lin

Covers the journey through the wait during an adoption from China.

Production, Not Reproduction

Mother of a son and daughter by fully open adoption in the US explains why she wouldn't have it any other way.

Sailing My Way Through

Frank journal from a Mom of six, who gave up her last child for open adoption.

Viva La Colombia

Stories from a couple seeking to adopt a second child.

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