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Personal Finance Money Management

20 Something Finance

Offering advice on financial freedom and money management for young professionals.

A Penny Saved

Covers personal finance and the secrets of becoming a penny pincher.

AL6400 Blog

Information about business and personal finance, including making, saving, and investing money.

All Financial Matters

A personal finance blog covering budgeting, asset allocation, cash flow, insurance, and portfolio management. Blog

Tips, news and advice about debt, finance and money management.

Baines & Ernst

Provides advice on financial management and dealing with debt, offers saving tips, and features the latest news. Baines_DebtHelp

Banking Sense

Provides information and advice on how to manage personal finances.

Blogging Away Debt

Follows the successful journey of the blog authors to a debt free life.

Boston Gal's Open Wallet

Follows the life of this 30 something Bostonian and her efforts to boost her net worth.

Budgets are Sexy

Twenty something blogs about managing your finances and actually enjoying the process.


Finance blog covering finance, frugality, deals, and more. buzzraid

Canadian Personal Financial Blog

Contains personal essays and points of view on things to do for home finances.

CAPC Debt Management

Free information and analysis for consumers interested in debt management and credit counseling issues.

Carnival of Debt Reduction

Hosts a regular blog carnival covering all manner of personal debt reduction strategies and tips.


A clutter queen charts her financial progress towards an early retirement.

Credit Creators

Offers information for people with no credit, bad credit, or those looking to rebuild their credit.

Credit Dad

News, reviews, resources and articles regarding personal finance and credit. Mobile creditdad

Credit Professor

Blog about personal finance and credit repair.

Debt Kid

Offers a personal experience about a journey out of 300K debt.

Debt Proof Living

Offering strategies for getting out of debt, and staying out.

Enemy of Debt

Offering motivational money management tips.

Finance Blog from Advanceloan,net

Offers news from the payday loan industry covering topics from new products to legislation.

Financial Maturity & Other Money Blabs

An entrepreneurial view on the idea of financial maturity and improving an individuals money situation.

Money musings of a thirty-something family man.

Free Money Finance

Covers financial topics with a main goal of increasing a person's net worth.

Give Me Back My Credit

Consumer awareness discussions regarding identity theft, credit reporting practices, privacy rights, scams, debt collection practices, mortgage servicing, and predatory lending.

Good Cents Savings

Provides updates pertaining to household savings, travel deals, budgeting, and similar financial topics.

The Happy Capitalist

Insights from a financial advisor advocating capitalism in America.

Her Every Cent Counts

A 20 something Bay Area girl gets to grips with personal finance issues early in life before committing to a home and kids.

How Money Really Works

Organization dedicated to helping veterans and the military understand personal finances. learnaboutmoney

IRS Problem Solver Blog

Provides information about IRS problems and how to solve them.

It's Your Money: Money Musings

Thoughts on personal finances, goals, experiences, motivations, and lack of accomplishments.

Kids Money Management

Shares information, ideas, tips, and insights for educating kids about managing money and other financial matters.

Loans Only

Provides a wide variety of loan tips, articles, tutorials, guides, relevant news and a newsletter.

Make Love Not Debt

Thoughts on managing finances responsibly within a relationship.

Man Vs Debt

Shares the inspirational story of this family who decided to sell all their clutter, clear their debt and travel the world.

Modest Money

Helping you control your finances through modest living. modestmoney

Money Monkees

Provides useful tips and advice about getting the most out of every dollar or ways to save dollars and cents.


Tracks the goals of an aspiring financial planner seeking financial freedom.

National Payday

Provides posts on short-term cash advance and payday loans. National_Payday

No Credit Needed

Tracks the author's progress as he gets out of debt, saves an emergency fund and prepares for retirement without borrowing any more money.

PayDay Loan Lowdown

Features news, information, tips and resources about payday loans and the payday lending industry.

Payday Loans

Provides posts related to payday loans with stories and videos.

The Penny Hoarder

Features weird and unique ways to make extra money. thepennyhoarder

Personal Finance Advice

Provides articles and interviews with financial professionals related to personal finance and small business. financedotinfo

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning for your earning problem and family budget management.

Plugged in Finance

Blogger working towards a retirement in 2025 with 125 thousand a year income. Covers the economy, frugality, investing, and his finances.

Punch Debt in the Face

Taking on personal finance with a dose of humor. punchdebt

Repair Bad Credit Reports

Bo Majors offers free credit help along with articles on credit repair, credit cards for bad credit, ways to build credit and more.

Savvy Saver

Insights stressing that personal prosperity depends on the amount of money one saves.

Seed Time

Free personal finance help and tips to get out of debt, budgeting, saving, and investing from a Christian perspective. christianpf

Show Me The Money

A personal attempt to understand financial and monetary matters through portfolio management.

Simplify My Life

Running journal of personal finance transactions to help cut down spending and manage decisions.

The Smarter Wallet

Features consumer finance reviews and opinion.


Focuses on money management advice for college students and young professionals.

Think Your Way to Wealth

Provides personal finance news for those thinking rich thoughts. rcthinkwealth

This, That and the MBA

Offering a common sense approach to personal finance for graduate students. thsthtandthemba

The Truth About Credit

Learn how to effectively read a credit report and improve a credit score. Also includes the latest financial news and credit card offers available.

The Urban Kitten

Blog about living with enough, saving money, being prepared for life’s financial emergencies, protecting privacy. @theurbankitten

Ways To Build Wealth

Personal finance, investing, and tax strategy website. Offers practical financial advice from a down to earth perspective. WTBuildWealth

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