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Sustainable Living Blogs

A Homesteading Neophyte

Follows the journey of one city woman as she adapts to self sufficiency and the homestead way of life.

A Self Sufficient Life

Featuring self sufficiency and frugal living tips.

Adventures in Eco-Living

Blogger lives in rural Michigan and shares her experience with growing organic vegetables, heating the house with a wood stove, mosquitoes, composting, and the use of natural products.

Bee Haven Acres

Small organic farm in PA raising chickens, goats, and produce, blogging on daily life.

Brooklyn Homesteader

Commentary on urban homesteading, from a family who have lived the dream. farmermeg

Chews Wise

Spreads the word about organic and sustainable food.

Choosing Voluntary Simplicity

Features posts about what simplicity is and how to live a simple life.

City Farmer News

Articles and stories from Vancouver, Canada and around the world. Topics cover environment, organic gardening, water, wild food, and food preservation.

Cold Antler Farm

Scrappy Washington County freeholder raising lots of animals, and with an interest in mountain music, local foods, and good times.

Cooking Up a Story

Blog about food and sustainable living. Covers growing food, food news and stories, cooking fresh, and offers videos.

The Daily Green

Providing green and sustainable living news, articles, hints and tips.

Down to Earth

Offers insight and information on simplifying life, from Queensland, Australia. Includes growing, preserving, and cooking tips and techniques.

The Earth Times

News resource covering green news, opinion and analysis. earthtimes

Eco Living Portugal

Postings about sustainable living projects, courses, and events.

Ecovillage Musings

A woman writes about life at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeast Missouri, where residents live as a community in ways that have a low impact on the environment.

Elderwoman Blog

Marian Van Eyk McCain's occasional thoughts on green and conscious ageing, simple living, green spirituality, loving the earth, and life in general.

From The Fox's Den

Nomadic family homeschooling and with an interest in living a sustainable life style.

Frugal Lisa

Find Canadian contests, coupons, freebies, deals, recipes, and advice.

Frugally Sustainable

Blending frugality and sustainability for a simple life. frugallysustain

The Good Human

Featuring regular posts on how to live lighter on this earth.

Green Living

Blog offering a guide to green living including sections on food, homes, health and energy.

Green Living Ideas

Provides ideas, tips, and information to help you improve the environmental sustainability of every aspect of your life.

The Greening of Gavin

Gavin writes about his transition into reducing his carbon footprint and becoming more sustainable.

The Greenists

Featuring sustainable living tips, ideas and strategies.

Happy Simple Living

Blogging about simplicity, personal finance and sustainable living. happysimplelivn

Herbal Companion Blogs

Blog platform of the Herbal Companion magazine offers posts relating to growing herbs, herbal living and products.

Homestead Revival

Aims to encourage families to revisit the joys of homesteading.

How Can I Recycle This?

Features thousands of creative ideas and suggestions for recycling, reusing or repurposing items which would otherwise be binned.

Huffington Post Green

Features blogs on sustainability, green issues, news and clean technology.

Idea Hacks

Focuses on creating engaging content around natural health and beauty, green living, gardening ideas, home ideas, and survival. ideahacksdotcom

Little Homestead in the City

The Dervaes family turned an ordinary city lot near downtown Pasadena into an eco-pioneer's self-sufficient urban homestead.

Make Wealth History

Covers climate change, oil, depletion, consumerism, poverty, and waste.

Mindful Momma

Learning to appreciate the handmade and homemade, with plenty of information on green parenting and sustainable living.

My Edible Yard

Remarks about achieving a sustainable lifestyle via raising backyard chickens, organic gardening, and other urban homesteading adventures.

Natural Building Blog

Covering the building of earthbag homes, cob houses and other natural building techniques.

Natural Home Living

Magazine Mother Earth News presents this blog on natural living, including using natural cleaning products.

No Impact Man

Colin Beavan posts about ways in which each of us can help alleviate the environmental crisis, and gain happier lives into the bargain.

The Non-Consumer Advocate

Woman who encourages others to live on less and reduce their environmental impact. Her motto is "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without".

On Just a Couple Acres

A couple with six children chronicle their lives as they attempt to become self-sufficient, live as Christians, reform 2.5 acres into a food garden, and homeschool the children.

Practically Green

Provides a wealth of simple, easy to implement green living tips for ordinary people.

Prairie Homestead

Encouraging readers to return to their homesteading roots. homesteader

Random Recycling

A Boston Mom of toddlers shares green living tips and ideas. randomrecycling

Rethinking the Dream

Follows one family's journey of downsizing.

Sally Lever

Coach, writer and educator blogs about downshifting, sustainable living and running a sustainable small business.

Sicilian Sisters Grow Some Food

Two sisters keep track of how much of their own food they can grow in their urban gardens.

The Slow Cook

Ed Bruske offers a guide to real food for life. Covers gardening, composting, and offers videos.

The Smallest Smallholding

A young would-be smallholder trying to live the good life in her own backyard smallholding. lunalucy

Sprout's Green Family

Green discussions on the environment, family, and products.

Sustainable Eats

One Mom chronicles her journey from supermarket to farm fresh foods, one step at a time.

Sustainable Life Blog

Offers tips and hints to stay green and healthy, and posts on personal finance, mental health, and the environment.

Sustainable Living

Blog offering a record of a sustainable living project carried out in Hickory North Carolina.

Sustainable Personal Finance

A married couple write about their aim to balance their financial goals with a sustainable lifestyle. Gives lots of tips and details on saving for a car.

Urban Homesteading

Discusses heirloom skills for sustainable living, gardening, and growing.

Wasted Food

Jonathan Bloom examines how and why America wastes nearly half its food.

The Year of Mud

Documents the building of this individual's first cob home.

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