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10,000 Birds

Photos and accounts of a birding team's adventures.

A Birding Blog by Gunnar Engblom

Blogging about social media for birders, bird tours in Peru and South America and community based ecotourism.

A Brit Abroad

Documents birding in California.

A DC Birding Blog

Posts include sightings reports, links to bird news, and essays on birds and environmental issues.

A Fresh Take on Birding

Blogging from a teen in Newfoundland who has just begun a birding hobby.

ABA Blog

American Birding Association blog with the focus of all things birding.

Aimophila Adventures

Sharing great birding photography, bird counts and the author's experiences in the US and on tours and trips around the world.

Another Bird Blog

Bird watching, bird ringing, and photography blog.


Records and documents birds seen.

Bill of the Birds

Following the birding of Bill Thompson III, author and editor of Bird Watcher's Digest.

Bill of the Birds

Photographic journal of a bird watcher.

Bird Ecology Study Group

Group blog documenting the birds of Singapore.

Bird Life Cyprus

Blogging about the protection and study of birds in Cyprus.

Bird Sense

Focuses on birding etiquette, birding ethics, and good birding practices, especially in Virginia.

Bird Treatment and Learning Center Anchorage

Provides updates, news and commentary from this bird rehabilitation center in Anchorage.

The Birdchaser

Information on birds and bird watching resources.

Birders in Boxers

Documents bird sightings.


Bird conservation marketing; promoting conservation through birding.

Birding Babylon

Bird watching journal from a soldier station in Iraq.

Birding Beijing

Reporting on birding in and around Beijing.

Birding Berrien and Beyond

Birding, chasing, and digi-scoping birds in southwest Michigan.

Birding Frontiers

Features news from an international team of birders. birdingfrontier

Birding In Maine

Photographs and stories of birding adventures in Maine.

Birding In Michigan

Bird watching activities in Michigan.

Birding in the Falkland Islands

Pictures, descriptions and information about birds found on the Falkland Islands.

Birding is Fun

Sharing the excitement of spotting new birds and interviewing local birders in the Carolinas.

Birding Italy Net

Birding news and photographs from Italy.

Birding with Kenn and Kimberly

A couple in Ohio share their adventures with birds and birding.

Birds Etcetera

Personal reflections and commentary on wild birds and natural history, with special reference to West Virginia and surrounding States.

Birds in Tasmania

Alan Fletcher offers information on the birds found on Australia's island state of Tasmania.

Birds in the North of Spain

Features birding trip reports and photographs from Northern Spain, particularly Burgos province.

Birds of Kerala

Features beautiful photography of birds in Kerala, India, plus a wealth of bird photography tips.

Birdwatching in Greece

Supplies pictures, descriptions and information about birding in Greece.

Boreal Songbird Initiative Blog

Dedicated to understanding and protecting the birds of the boreal forest of Canada and Alaska.

Documents the wild parrots of Brooklyn.

Bruce Di Labio's Blog

Birding blog with lots of photos and birding issues and ethics.

The City Birder

New York City bird watching journal.

Dagens F├ągel - Bird of the Day

The findings of a birding team in Stockholm.

Dharma Bums

Bird watching photos and accounts.

Dick Cannings: Birds and Books

Biologist, author and birder living in the Okanagan Valley of southern British Columbia, writes about the natural world.

The Drinking Bird

Birding, blogging, and whatnot from North Carolina.

The Drinking Bird

Birding blog, including a birder jargon dictionary.

Ivory Bills Live

News, and commentary on the ivory-billed woodpecker.

Kay Parkin Birding

Australian birding blog run by conservationist Kay Parkin.

Kitchen Window Birder

Watching and photographing birds.

Leeuwin Current Birding

Western Australian birding blog offering posts on sightings, bird watching, destinations and trip reports.

Mark Young's Birding Blog

Australian bird enthusiast blogs about the birds found at Long Reef Marine Reserve on Sydney's Northern Beaches.


Blog written by Dan Rhoads, a long time birdwatcher and supporter of BirdLife Cyprus. Focus of the blog is on Cyprus as a stop off point on one of the major migration routes for birds.

Mike's Birding and Digiscoping Blog

Offers photos and information on spotted birds.

My Purple Martin Blog

Follows the comings and goings of a purple martin colony in south Florida. Also offers product advice and tips from a specialist retailer.

Nature in Greece

Presents photographs and captions of birds, insects and other animals around Greece.

North American Birding

Offering news and views on birding in North America.

On The Bird Trail

Documenting and displaying the birding activities of a keen Nottinghamshire ornithologist.

The Pathless Wood

Offers birding and nature information and photos, from Ottawa, Ontario.

Peterborough Bird Club Gallery

Long running blog offering bird photos.


Photos and accounts of bird watching excursions.

Rosyfinch Ramblings

A physician remembers birding and other adventures in New Jersey and other scenic landfills

Round Robin

News and ornithological thoughts from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Saskatchewan Birds, Nature and Scenery

Covers nature watching and birding an Saskatchewan, Canada. Photos by Nick Saunders, Nature Photography.

SE Texas Birding & Wildlife Watching

Comments, reports and photos about birds and other wildlife in Texas and sometimes further afield.

Shetland Misfit

Shetland birders diary with commentary and beautiful photos.


Nick Bonomo offers a birding journal with sightings and photos.

Stints and Gulls

Australian birding enthusiast and photographer's blog. Includes posts and photographs taken at Long Reef Marine Reserve on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Stokes Birding Blog

Don and Lillian Stokes are authors of field guides and nature books. They share news of birding in New Hampshire where they live, and events in their lives.

Sunshine Coast Birds

Greg Roberts blogs about birding on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

Tails of Birding

A birding hobbyist writes about birds in southeastern Vermont.

Trevor's Birding

Australian Trevor Hampel blogs about birds he sees and photographs in his garden and in the Murray Bridge district of South Australia as well as birds he sees when traveling around Australia. TrevorHampel

View from the Cape

News, sightings and birding updates from Cape May Bird Observatory in New Jersey.

WildBird on the Fly

Thoughts on birds from WildBird's editor.

Wings Among Us

Beautiful birding photography from Kuala Lumpur.

Personal journal with a focus on birding.

Yoav Perlman's Birding in Israel Blog

Field notes from this keen birder in Israel.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Enjoying backyard birds responsibly and with an environmental conscience. From the co-owner of Wild Birds Unlimited, Saratoga Springs NY.

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