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A Hamburger Today

Featuring hamburger reviews, news and opinions.

A Tuscan Foodie in America

"The other guy" - an Italian man who fell in love with American food, currently residing in Chicago shares his recipes, restaurant reviews, and food travels.

Al Dente Blog

Unruly bunch of editors who love to cook, decorate, garden, and most importantly - eat.

Amanda and Kevin

Alabama resident blogs about food, travel and photography.

And a Little Bit More

Cheers to healthy eating and a nutritious plate of food every single time.

Anne's Food

One Swedish girls blog about food, cooking, and dining out.


A bread baking blog from Hong Kong, with recipes.

Best Food Blog Ever

Features foodie interviews, thoughtful articles and food commentary from Derek Lee.

Bite Buff

Foodie explores all types of restaurants around Cleveland.

Blair Candy Blog

Offers news and gossip about candy and tasty food.

Bon Appetit Daily

Offering news, commentary and analysis from this foodie magazine.

The Breakfast Blog

Reviews breakfasts from various Australian restaurants.

The Breakfast Bowl

Blogging about everything breakfast related, from its role in our culture to cereal marketing and nostalgia.

Burrito Blog

Reviews Mexican food from around the country one meal at a time.

Candy News

Includes candy product reviews, new product information, candy store history information, wholesale candy data, and other related material.

Cellar Tours

Journal about interesting gourmet orientated festivals and events, with restaurant and wine reviews.

Chubby Hubby

Random musings on a variety of food related topics.

Cleveland Foodie

Follows all the delicious foodie finds and happenings within Cleveland.

Consuming Ambitions

Offers articles about restaurants, food, beverages, and recipes.

Cooking Blog

Provides cooking recipes and techniques, reviews on cooking equipment, top chef profiles and cooking videos.

Cooking Chat

Recommendations and opinions about recipes, wine and food.

Create Eat Happy

Daily journal written about creative cooking and award-winning recipes created for food companies and recipe contests in Japan.

Critical Studies in Food and Culture

Postings and insights for researchers investigating food and cultural studies, as well as the critical analysis of eating practices and broader cultures of consumption.

Daniel Angerer

Chef by choices answers questions about food, gives cooking advice, and recipes.

Dinner at the Zoo

Food blog that specializes in quick, easy and healthy recipes that are family friendly. Each recipe is accompanied by multiple high quality photographs.

Eat Aussie

Australian food blog concentrating on seasonal food and wellness.

Couple share their opinions on various Sydney restaurants.


Blog by editor of, the online home of Gourmet and Bon Appetit.

Esurientes - The Comfort Zone

Food blog dedicated to discussing comfort food.

Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Journal about food and cooking with photos. Kickpleat aka Jeannette Ordas is a picky eater so hence the interest in the topics.

Facts About Strawberries

Discusses facts, nutrition, growing, and benefits.

Farmgirl Fare

Food opinion from a city slicker turned farm girl.

Fat of the Land

Follows the experiences and shares the wisdom of this expert modern forager in Seattle.

Food and the Fabulous

South African food blog focusing on simple food inspired by childhood memories, seasonal produce and travel.

The Food Blog

Lebanon born food writer living in Sydney Australia blogs about food, musings and culinary experimentation.

Food Blog Cape Town

Food blog covering cuisine and restaurants in Cape Town South Africa.

Food Politics

Marion Nestle discusses food and the politics going on behind the scenes.

Food Republic

Food blog for men who put food at the center of their lives.


Posts regarding food, restaurants, and recipes.

Freezer Burns

Presents video reviews of hundreds of frozen food products.

The Full Belly Diaries

Sarina loves food; cooking it, eating it and sharing it. This is a diary with photographs of her food adventures, cooking, eating out, and her odd midnight snacks. feed://

The Gastronomer's Bookshelf

A collaborative book review site covering a wide range of titles on food, wine and gastronomy.

Georgeanne Brennan

Posting about different things she finds interesting around food, wine, culture, travel, her garden, projects, reflections, and updates on her on-line store, La Vie Rustic.

The Girl Who Ate Everything

New York resident blogs about about food including eating out and reviews.

The Grub Report

Menu-formatted food blog.

Heights Eats

Party of three in search of food, family, and International cuisine.

Hello! Food

A celebration of food with reviews and recipes.

High Tea Society

Blog concentrating on high tea and special afternoon tea venues.

Homesick Texan

Musings on life, love and the pursuit of good refried beans

The Honey Traveler

Find guide to single flower honey, specific plant sources of honey, geographical, health benefits, traditions and sensory attributes.

House of Annie

Culinary journey from east to west in search of flavors both old and new.

The Hungry Australian

Christina Soong blogs about her love of food, recipe development and food styling. HungryAustralia

Jam Faced

Food reviews and eating adventures.

Japanese Snack Reviews

Offering detailed reviews of all kinds of Japanese snack and junk food.


Award winning Malaysian food blog.

Keep Calm and Cook More

Tasmania cook blogs about cooking as therapy. Includes recipes, thoughts on eating out and free range meats.


South African living in Bangkok blogs about food in Thailand.


Group of collective bloggers covering food finds in Los Angeles.

Lady Iron Chef

Singapore food blog offering commentary, restaurant reviews and information on the various cuisines of Singapore.

The Lake Kitchen

Celebrity chef Jill Sharpe shares her delicious and inspirational recipes, cooking tips and party ideas.

The Lake Kitchen Blog

Chef Jill Sharpe's Lake Kitchen travel and food blog, featured recipes and cooking classes.

Lobster Tails Blog

Tips, trivia, and recipes from LobsterAnywhere.

Mark Bittman

Food, cooking, and dining blog of the columnist associated with The New York Times.

Blog by meat scientist, Dr. Chris Raines, Extension Meats Specialist and Assistant Professor at Penn State University in the Department of Dairy and Animal Science.

Mobile Cuisine

Talk that covers the topics of food trucks, carts, and other gourmet street eats.

The Model Foodie

Californian model currently living in London blogs about food, health and beauty.

My Last Bite

Focuses on researching restaurants and planning an evening's food adventure, but only writes about the good ones.

Nation's Restaurant News

Senior food editor Bret Thorn's blog about culinary trends, food and recipes.

Oh Nuts: Sweet & Crunchy Talk

Includes discussions about nuts, candy, chocolates, dried fruits, and gift baskets.

Offering olive and olive oil news, recipes, health, business and consumer information.

Organic To Be

Opinions, recipes, and news about organic food and the organic community.

Penang Hawker Food Blog

Blogs about the cheap and mostly tasty hawker food to be found in Penang.

The Pumpkin Papers

All sorts of things you didn't know about your favorite cucurbit.

Pumpkin Passion

Posting for the love of all things pumpkin, with recipes, reviews, growing tips and all kinds of pumpkin related finds.

Raised on a Roux

Find culinary traditions of New Orleans, plus the passionate food preoccupations and adventures of a blogger trying to raise her family “on a roux.”

Real Life Delicious

Food blog offering recipes and advice based on the philosophy that real food is worth the trouble.

The Recipe Binder

Food blog offering recipes and cooking ideas.

Restaurant Widow

A widow's thoughts on dining, drinking, and cooking.

Sandwich recipes

A collection of delicious sandwich recipes.

Save The Deli

Dedicated to the preservation of all salted and cured Judaic meats.

Savoury Citys Food Blog

A look at food and cooking from a close knit group of professional chefs and event planners bound by a passion for creating exceptional catering.

Scandi Foodie

Finnish food blogger living in Sydney Australia offers recipes heavily influenced by Scandinavian food.

Serious Eats

Recipes, videos and restaurant reviews.

Sippity Sup

Serious but fun look at food and recipes from Southern California.


Extensive coverage of all things pizza.

The Slow Food USA Blog

Working to change the food system through a network of volunteer chapters all over the country. SlowFoodUSA

Specialty Recipes from My(e) Kitchen

Offers recipes of different kinds of Indian and World cuisine.

Steamy Kitchen

Blog of professional recipe developer, food columnist and food photographer who specializes in fresh and easy recipes for the home cook.

Sushi Otaku

The musings of a sushi freak with information, commentary, and observations about sushi, sashimi, and related Japanese cuisine.

Sweet Designs

Food stylist Amy Atlas's blog focusing on recipes, great finds and insights into her work.

Table & Spoon

This food, garden and urban farming blog is written in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, focusing on local resources, eating well, and greening the community. Various Pittsburgh resources are suggested.

Thailand Foods

Provides recipes, articles, and news about Thai food.

Thoughtful Eating

Life is luscious and is experienced through food. Foodie with recipes and thoughts on food.


Reviews food from the Melbourne area.

The Traveler's Lunchbox

Thoughts on food on the road.

Under the Table with Jen

Food-obsessed girl's humorous hunt for the best eats and drinks in the increasingly popular Portland food scene. feed://

United Nations of Food (NYC)

One man's attempt to eat authentic food from 175 countries... without leaving NYC.

Weird Food Club

Documents experiences of trying bizarre food in New York City.

Weird Meat

Documents experiences eating strange food around the world. Includes articles, travel stories, photos.

What Katie Ate

Australian foodie photography blog offering posts on food photography, reviews and recipes.

Who Wants Seconds?

Blog focused on food, family, and travel.

Whole Life Nutrition

A wholesome gluten-free, allergy-free recipe blog for health and healing.

Winos and Foodies

Includes reviews of restaurants, wine, books, and other things Barbara runs across in life.


Offers Xango related articles, videos, and information about products including Xango mangosteen juice and Eleviv.

Your Cup of Cake

Baking blog offering recipes for cupcakes, muffins and cookies.

Your Food Choices

Two guys just trying to figure out what to eat, where to find it and why it all matters.

Yummy Adventures

Australian couple from Sydney in New South Wales blog about food at home and abroad.

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