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Pet Blogs

Anipal Times

Blends animal humor with sometimes quirky and sometimes serious reporting on pet and animal related news from around the world.

The Blog Pound

A student veterinary technician writes about the pet sanctuary she manages in Las Vegas, Nevada. Includes photographs and details of animals needing adoption.

Entirely Pets

Featuring useful pet information, news, reviews, pet tales, photos and lists.

Great Green Pets

Posts about and reviews green and environmentally friendly pet products.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

Featuring a daily diet of funny and cute pet stories and photos.

Keeping Exotics

Blogging about the care and husbandry of reptile, amphibians and invertebrates.

The Pet Blog Lady

Celebrating pets of all kinds, with news, useful information, giveaways and reviews.

Pet Dreams Blog

Advice and tips on having a healthy and happy pet.

Pet Life Today

Pet care news, tips and buying advice, covering all kinds of companion animals.

Pet Museum

A museum curator shares his passion for discovering pets in art, history and culture.

Pet News and Views

Offering coverage of pet related issues in current events.

Pet Notes by Canidae

Cat and dog related blog posts by this pet food company.

Pet Turtles And More

About pet turtles and other related pets.


Blogging about pet-related news items and research into the animal-human bond.


Pet products information and descriptions. With photos.


Featuring news, anecdotes, product ideas and articles of interest to pet lovers.

A blog geared towards pet ownership with a heavy emphasis on dogs.

Tales from the Pet Clinic

Written by WebMD expert Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM.

Val Heart and Friends

Blogging about animal communication and alternative therapies for pets.

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