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Birds Parrots

Best in Flock

Blog about the delights and challenges of parrot ownership, with special emphasis on positive reinforcement training.

Caique Crazy

Information about caiques, the clowns of the parrot world.

Doodle Bird Blog

All about parrots, foraging, toys and health, featuring Nani the Black Headed Caique.

FunTime Birdy Parrot Lovers Blog

Posting information, reviews, resources and tips for parrot owners.

Good Bird Inc. Blog

Blog by Barbara Heidenreich, noted parrot trainer and editor of Good Bird magazine.

Melbourne Avian Rescue Center

Blogging about daily life at this rescue center, with news of the residents.

Parrot Nation

Parrot blog by Bird Talk writer Patricia Sund.

Superior Parrot

A collection of parrot pictures with snappy captions.

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