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Pets Cats

2Carolina Cats

Tracks the adventures and life of two feline pets named Finnegan and Buddy.

The Adventures of Buddah Pest

Featuring a black furry cat's life and its family. With photos and videos.

Attack of the Tabbies

Random musings, stories, and photos related to cats.

Authentic Bengal Cat

Providing up-to-date information about bengal cats.

Ayla the Grump

Observations and complaints personify the typical day to day life of a domesticated cat.

Band of Cats

Offers a photo blog of cats that reside in a multi-cat house.

Beau and Angelica's Fur Days

Occasional logs about the lives of two Connecticut kittens and the amusement they bring to their owners.

Beezer Song

Shares the entertainment cats and music are able to bring.

Blogging Cat

Alabama cat Muddy shares his opinions on his friend Myst and the other felines and humans in his life.

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat

Glimpse into the life and adventures of two Wisconsin tabbies.


Presents pet cat stories, photos, and links to other feline blogs.

Buddy's Place

Collection of photos and random notes about a cat named Buddy. Also features various links to other cat blogs and sites.

Buzzerbee and Meep

A furry gray cat's collection of photos and ramblings.

The Calico Girls

Online journal presenting home life shared with pet cats and kittens.

Cat Behavior and Training

Covers the danger for cats in the home, litter training, socialization, vaccinations, poisonous plants, and how to examine a cat.

Cat Blogosphere

Offers cat news, events, contests, and chats.

The Cat Blogosphere

Serves as a community of cat or feline pet lovers. Posts photos and stories.

Cat Girl's - Amazing Felines

A cat lover's blog with commentaries, opinions, views, and fun product finds.

Cat Naps in Italy

Record of an American cat's life and adventures in a European land.

Cat Tails by Mia and Ghost

Short tales representing the typical days of two felines who barely get along.

Cat Versus Human

Regular doses of cat-based cartoon humor. yasmine_surovec


Features the stories and photos of a cat in Twin Cities, Minnesota.

The Cats Life

Random logs and photos of the typical and not-so-typical life of a feline pet.

The Conscious Cat

Ingrid King writes about lessons learned from her cats, and about creating a joyful life for cats and their humans, including Reiki for pets.

Cosmo Capers

Blog presents stories and photos of a tabby from Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Crew's Views

Site contains life views and tales of the life and adventures of four feline pets.

Daily Kitten

Publishes a new kitten photo every day and woos the reader with an overload of cuteness.

Daisy the Curly Cat

Following the exploits of Daisy, fashionista and calico Devon Rex cat.

Derby, the Sassy Cat

Posts observations, notes, and photos centered on a suburban house cat.

Diary of a Mad Cat

Weblog written from the perspective of a pet cat.

The Feline Oligarchy

Posts dealing with a family's day to day life with pet cats.

For My Kitten Blog

Offers information on kittens including grooming procedures, cat doors, and cat houses.

The Furry Fighter

Blog about Storm the cat who survived Feline Lymphoma.

Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat

Huffle, a black cat from Melbourne, Australia, shares short, humorous posts and pictures giving his unique outlook on life.

I Have Cat

A 30-something single woman in New York looking for love, flirting with veganism, and life as a cat mom.

I was not named for a cookie!!! Right?

Trivial and some sensible discussions and postings of a pet cat owner.

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Blog about orphaned kitties are being fostered in Tacoma, Washington.

JB's Small World

A photoblog and stories of Jelly Bean and siblings.

Kittens 'n Things

The author covers cats and kitten stories and offers resources, details about taking care of cats, and tip and tricks for kitty.


Presents a cat pet owner couple's photos, videos, and random thoughts and life musings.

Love Meow

Gives cat photos and stories, videos, toys, and information about training, and behavior.

The Magic Talk Cocking Cat

Feline-inspired Indonesian blogger's thoughts, musings, and personal life.

Meezer Tails

Posts the stories of two Siamese cats in Rochester, New York.

Memoirs of a Feline Empress in Exile

Confessions, musings, rantings, and parodies of a cat pet owner.

My Himalayan Cat Goma

Goma's blog includes video clips, photographs and details of his exploits, as featured in Animal Planet.

New Cat City

Provides insight into the lives of Arthur and Beowulf, two cats living in the big city.

Ozzi Cat

Blog accompanying the Australian cat magazine of the same name. ozzicatcomau

Petey Tales

Blog about Petey the Cat’s battle with Feline Lymphoma.

Petronious the Arbiter

Contains photos and stories of pet cats. With links to other feline blogs.

The PsychoKitty Speaks Out

Humorous blog "written by" a black and white cat with attitude.

Snoodleroo, King of the Net

Online journal dedicated to the life of Jamesie, a feline from Troutville Virginia.

Stuff On My Cat

Photoblog of cats with items placed on them.

Under the Paw

Posts funny photos and videos of cats, and blogs about life serving feline masters.

Very Best Cats

Features regular photographs of the author's cats and their pampered lifestyle.

Way of Cats

Helping you understand feline psychology, cat health and how to train your cat using a method based on mutual understanding.

We Three, Ginger cats tales

The adventures of Elmo, Pixie, and Max; the ginger cats.

Wild Run

Cat rescuer in New York posts about the felines in her life, her trials and success stories.

William of Mass Destruction

Showcase of the tricks and special feats of a cat from New Mexico.

Willow's Cat Blog

Chronicling the life of a very spoiled dilute calico cat.

The Zeus Excuse

Blog about a typical American classic tabby from Texas.

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