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Dogs Breeds

A Perfect Storm

Shares the pet ownership experiences of a North Carolina lady who rears dogs of various breeds.


Posts photos and articles that personify a black and tan terrier-shepherd mix canine breed.

Information and descriptions of different dog breeds.


Two entrepreneur sisters' blog about their middle-aged Boston terrier and an old Brussels Griffon.

Life with Miles

Blog about the adventures of the Bernese Mountain Dog / Labrador Retriever, Miles, in North Carolina.

Minou's and Burdee's Dog Blog

A sewing and knitting enthusiast also presents her love for dogs in this blog site.

My Dogs' Daze

Occasional logs of the lives of an aged dog lover and his pets. With photos and videos.

Sam & Susie's Blog

Blog dedicated to Sam, the world's ugliest dog.


Record of the experiences of taming, training, and taking care of a pet dog.

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