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Reptile and Amphibian Blogs

AJC's Virtual Frog Room

Enthusiastic frog keeper shares photography and insights.

The Amphibian Avenger

Covers frogs and other ugly, freakish, and unloved animals.

Apartment Living and Reptiles

Offers tips and guidance for keeping reptiles in an apartment environment.

East Coast Reptile Breeders

Ball python breeder talks about reptile care, husbandry and the breeding business.

Frog Blog Manchester

Andrew Gray a Herpetologist and Amphibian Conservationist posts about his work with reptiles and amphibians.

Frogs Are Green

Blog brings awareness to the frog conservation efforts, and the frog extinction crises.

Random Neural Firings of a Reptiles Editor

Editor of Reptiles magazine shares musings on the reptiles industry and on reptile care.

Reptile Channel

Contains reptile news, products, magazines, and shows and events.

That Reptile Blog

Covering reptile and amphibian news, care, keeping and health.

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