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Travel Enthusiasts

Across and Abroad

Outdoor adventure blog from David Webb a fisherman, motorcyclist, surfer, writer, photographer, and curious traveler.

Adventurous Kate

Travel blog that focuses on females traveling alone.

Alex in Wanderland

Alex explores the world slowly and thoroughly as she photographs and scuba dives.

Alex's Travel Blog

Worldwide traveler offers travel information with photos from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand and more.

Angie Away

Writer flirting with countries and cities and towns who easily embraces the life of a global traveler.

Anna Overseas

Blog documenting one woman's travels.


Travel blog and photography. Read travel stories and tips. vincecroos

Art of Backpacking

Intrepid backpacker offers help for others via lists, stories, articles, and videos.

The Art of Slow Travel

Lover of travel offers reasons to take it slow and savoir all that each area has to offer.

Aspiring Backpacker

Helping those new to traveling or backpacking become prepared for their traveling experiences.

Backpacking on the Cheap

An Australian backpacker shares his tips for cheap travel in cities worldwide.

Backpacking Worldwide

Matt Hope invites the reader along as he explores destinations around the world.


Ramblings from Tom about Antarctica, New Zealand, Colorado and the world.

Bohemian Travelers

Family of five searches the globe while looking for adventures.


Baby boomer travels with her husband in search of a health mind and body.

Booomers and Seniors Travel Blog

A guide to travelling well and economically.

Captain and Clark

Global adventure takes Chris Staudinger and Tawny to all parts of the world. Find videos both strange and weird of their travels.

C'est Christine

Traveler and writer takes photos as she travels from place to place solo.

Changes in Longitude

After selling everything this couple have embarked on a year long journey across the planet in search of adventures.

Chrystal-Clear Travel

Canadian gal, world citizen, and globe hopper allows you to tag along as she explores the world.

Crazy Bloggin Canuck

Family travel writer and Denver mommy blogger takes you along for her traveling adventures.

Discovering Ice

Irish Steph and Colombian Andres offer a look inside of their travels abroad.

Photo blog of Darby Swachuk's travels around the world.

Everything but Nothing

An Indian in Spain shares his experiences of connecting to the world and exploring European places.

Everything Everywhere

Full time traveler Gary Arndt posts a part world-wide travel guide, part personal diary from over 60 countries.

The Everywhereist

Features travel advice, tips and stories from an engaging writer who accompanies her husband on business around the world.

Expat Travels

Photos and information on a Swiss citizens travels to Canada and beyond.

The First Ever Blog of Its Kind

Documenting a white guy's travels in South America.

First-time Traveler

Blogs the travel experiences of the author as she visits a place for the first time.


Courtney Pyle posts her random musings and recounts her travels and explorations in this blog.

Allows travel enthusiasts to create their own online travel diaries or a place for posting their travel photos.

Go See Write

Documents the overland travel adventures of this former attorney. goseewrite


Logs of various adventures and travels in European and American places.

Grrrl Traveler

Solo travel expert highlights her adventures both good and bad when traveling abroad.


About outdoor adventure, family travel, national parks, media, technology, marketing, fitness and Shelli Johnson.

Heather On Her Travels

Travel tales, photos, videos and podcasts from an experienced global traveler.

Hobo Traveler

Travelogs written during travels to over fifty countries.

I'm Black and I Travel!

Travel tips, destinations, tales of the road, travel rants, all to encourage African-Americans to see more of the world.

Irish Guy's Round the World Trips

Compiles stories, photos, and maps that document an Irish man's travels.

Jasmine Wanders

Blog of a female wandering around the globe solo, with photos, videos, and tips.

Jayms Ramirez - The Road

Freelance photographer based in San Francisco.

Just Wandering

Travel blog of Nina Fuentes, a backpacker wannabe. With photos and videos.


Travel views, news and stories.

Life of Justin

Personal discussions and opinions about humor, life, traveling, and technology.

Little Adrift

Travel stories from around the world that include food, drink, and the local culture.

Little House On Wheels

Writes about life on the road in an RV.

LL World Tour

Follow Emmy-award-winning TV Producer/Vagabond, Lisa Lubin, as she schleps around the world - working, meeting, and smiling her way into the hearts of the citizens of the globe.

Man On The Lam

Blogging traveler who believes you should cover the earth before it covers you.

Michael Tyler

Collection of photos and brief descriptions of the places Tyler visited.

My Beautiful Adventures

Travel photojournalist and Chinese Medicine Doctor who travels the world looking for adventure.

The Neon Princess Travel Blog

Determined to change her life, she traveled across the globe and then landed her dream job.

Never Ending Voyage

Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney write about their travels after selling everything and beginning a nomadic lifestyle.

Nomadic Chick

Once a cubicle worker now a gypsy traveler enjoying the adventure she encounters.

Nomadic Samuel

Featuring quirky travel stories and information about teaching ESL as you travel. nomadicsamuel

One Giant Step

Worldly travelers looking for a place to hang their hats.

One Girl, Her Backpack and a Passion for Travel

Tracking a vagrant's travel stops and further destinations.

The Planet D

Adventurers from Canada write about their experiences abroad. theplanetd


Random writings on music, travel, and socializing.

Project 6029

Information relating to the progress of the restoration of Locomotive 6029.

The RAD Blog

Logs, photos, and videos of a number of personal travels around the world.

Road Warrior Tips

Features news and tips for road warriors, business travelers, and those who frequently book long term stays.

Runaway Juno

Korean travel blogger who insists she is the one and only doing so.

Sarah Somewhere

As Sarah travels she gives stories about "somewhere" in the world.

STA Travel

Customers of STA Travel in the Republic of South Africa blog about their travel adventures in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Stuck in Customs

Daily photo adventures about the authors travels.

Suitcase on Wheels

Travel diary of a software developer and English teacher from Bariloche, Argentina.

Tanama Tales

Exploring life's off the beaten path options, one location at a time.

That Backpacker

Audrey writes about her world adventures and weekend wanderings.


Kent has an insatiable appetite for travel but he does so on the cheap. He offers tips for others to do so too.

Thom and Sean's World Trip

Two guys blog their world trip - from initial planning onwards.

Time Travel Turtle

Follow Michael Turtle from New South Wales, Australia as he travels around the globe. michaelturtle

Travel Babel

Writer Claire Walter shares her travels and offers travel news, tips, details about the industry, and information about destinations.

Travel Location Blog

Two professional world travelers offer photos, travel tips and articles about the places they visit.

Travel Memories

Photo blog documenting the travels of the author.

Traveled Earth

Making the most out of the journey not just the destination.

Traveling at 80

Designed to encourage seniors to remain active, short chapters covering two-and-a-half motor home trip by an 87-year-old with daughter, son-in-law, a large old dog, and an old cat.

The Traveling Writer

Alexis Grant shares insights into the travel writer's world. alexisgrant

Travelling Canucks

British Columbia residents blog about their world adventures including travel stories, photographs and travel tips.

Travels of Adam

Adam the hipster travels the world and blogs about his findings.

Travels of Lizzie Bean

Travel blog of a mother of four who hopes to travel the globe some day. Most current travels occur around the East coast of the US.


Blog documenting the worldwide travels of the author.


Blog of Graham Walker, a Prague-based Canadian traveler.

True Travellers

Focuses on the experiences of people who have travelled while volunteering. true_travellers

Twenty-Something Travel

Find advice, destination, and inspiration for travel across the globe.

Two Travelaholics

Two people on a quest to see the world and thirsty for adventure.

Uncornered Market

Global trekkers write about their worldly travels and what they encounter.

Vagabonding Life

Bloggers escape from the corporate world to a life of travel writing.

Walking on Travels

Keryn who has a major case of wanderlust and does not let having children get in the way.

Wandering Earl

Experienced nomad shows his skills at writing as he blogs about his travels abroad.

Wandering Educators

A global community of educators, sharing travel experiences.

Wanderlust and Lipstick

Community of blogs by and for women travlers, ranging from the purely indulgent to purpose driven eco-travel.

Weblog of Quests

Contains the travel logs and photos of a Vietnamese traveler.

Where Is Jenny

Blog of an independent graphic designer who loves to travel.

World Tourer

Travel blog of the authors world travels including commentary and photos.

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