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Knowledge Management Information Visualization

Cool Infographics

Thoughts from a marketing and product development professional fascinated by good infographics.

The Daily Viz

Creating or sharing a daily information graphic. stiles

Dynamic Diagrams

Commentary on developments in the information visualization field.

Eager Eyes

Robert Kosara’s place to reflect on the world of information visualization and visual communication of data. eagereyes

Flowing Data

Explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data visualization techniques to further understanding.

Good is..Infographics

Offering regular infographics commenting on a wide variety of cultural themes and issues.

Graph Jam

Provides tools for users to create and upload serious or humorous graphs, charts and diagrams on topics of their choice.

Graphic Detail

Presenting charts, graphics and information from the Economist.


Uses simple diagrams to take a wry look at every day topics and concerns.

Infographic Journal

Showcases a variety of information graphics and provides details about related design and marketing efforts. IGJournal

Platform for Canadian companies and webmasters interested in publishing and promoting informational graphics. Infographicca

Information is Beautiful

Presents ideas, issues, knowledge and data visualized in full colour. Also publicizes the book "The Visual Miscellaneum".

Jerome Cukier

On communicating with data, as clearly as possible.

Junk Charts

Takes real life examples of charts and diagrams in the media and looks at how they could be improved upon in an effort to communicate - or obscure - information.

Mind Map Inspiration

Sharing beautiful mind maps as a resource for other mind mappers.

Shit Hot infographics

Infographic blog authored by David Eaves with archives dating back to November 2013. Submit infographics free of charge.

Simple Complexity

Covers a wide range of issues relating to information visualization, including humor, knowledge management and data integrity.

Storytelling with Data

Blog written by Cole Nussbaumer; goal is to provide practical tips to help bring data to life. storywithdata

Covering the geeky side of information visualization.

Visual Complexity Blog

Blog accompanying the Visual Complexity site, which collects projects concerned with the visualization of complex networks.


Commenting on news in infographics, graphic design and visual media.

Well-formed Data

Moritz Stefaner writes on information aesthetics, interactive visualization, and how the web transforms our understanding of information.

The Why Axis

Offering critical analysis of data visualizations.


Discusses resources for information design and visual thinking.

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