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Information Science


Contains links generally related to the topics of law, libraries, reference, technology and fun.

Alberta Gaming Research Institute Library Weblog

Presents items of interest to gambling researchers.

Andersja's Blog

Displays blog, archives and other related information.

Archivalia (English)

Contents include blog dedicated to archiving.

ASIST K-Blog Panel

Provides profile, links, feeds and the contributor's information.

Basil's Blog

Contains blogs from news and information world.

Bentley's Journal

Contents include recent entries, calendar, with links from Betsy Vera.

Birmingham Public Library's Digital Collections Blog

Informs about a blog devoted to the library's digital collections.


Facts about an annotated bibliography on weblogs and blogging, with a focus on library or librarian blogs.

Blogger Book Club

Information on profile, databases and websites, plus adult and youth services.


Offers a wide range of information architecture consulting services, including site evaluations, strategic consulting, training and mentoring.


Page content displays assorted links from a "Librarian's Idiot Book.".

Escondido Public Library's Latest News

Web log for the latest library and community news.

Framingham Public Library Teen Blogmatic

Contents include news, events and chat.

Free Library of Springfield Township News

Information and library news from Wyndmoor, PA. With archives.

GTU Library Weblog

Contains news, archives and information from the Flora Lamson Hewett Library of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.

Information Literacy Round Table (Michigan Library Association)

Talks about information literacy programs in libraries across Michigan, and shares information about literacy publications and projects produced in Michigan.

Information Literacy Weblog

Brings news and reports about information literacy around the world.

Information Space

The official blog of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. ischoolsu

Information Wants to be Free

Reflections on the tools used in information science, by a librarian, writer and self-confessed geek.

Internet Scout Weblog

Has focused on developing better tools and services for finding, filtering, and presenting online information and metadata.

Library and Information Science Miscellaneous Weblog

Contains news, comments and everything that its bloggers think could be useful for professionals and students.

LISNews Blog

A collaborative blog devoted to current events and news in the world of Library and Information Science.

School of Information

Providing information for prospective and current students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

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